About Nerdrahtio

cropped-fbprofilepicNerdrahtio is the online home for author / designer Sam Sears,  his original fictional universe, other short stories, digital recolors, original toylines, and additional nerdery.

Nerdrahtio began as a nerd culture website that highlighted new reasons to be nerdy and waxed nostalgic.  It had predecessors websites, but launched with a podcast co-anchored by  Tom “the Silent Assassin Matthias” and Sam Sears. That podcast’s first episode revealed unused G.I.Joe designs to the G.I.Joe fan community.  As the podcast continued focusing on toy companies like The Loyal Subjects, indie toy lines like Dime Novel Legends, and comic book authors and voice actors. A YouTube channel was also created for action figure reviews.

Over time, as Sam moved and switched jobs, many elements of Nerdrahtio were discontinued, and the site itself morphed into home for digital recolors and various projects.

Now, we are excited for a new chapter. Rather than simply “waxing nostalgic” we hope to GIVE YOU new reasons to be nerdy through original fiction and original toylines.

We want to hear from YOU! your thoughts?

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