Reasonably Chibi F.A.Q.

Here are some frequently asked questions, that I have received when introducing the line to others.

What size or scale are these?

The prototypes are slightly above 5″ some reduction will occur during the process of making molds, and so these should about 5″. Their accessories are intended to work well with 6″ figures, making them slightly exaggerated for the figures themselves.

Why do a Chibi style?

This “cute” style originated in Japan but is spreading to America via Funko Pops, Kidrobot, The Loyal Subjects, YouTooz and more. It’s popular with vinyl toy artists and resembles more classic toys like Playmates and old sprites in video games. Higher end figures in this style like Eggattack, Nendoroid, or Hot Toys’s Cosbabies are very expensive, but lower end figures feature little no articulation. I think there is a niche market here, that isn’t reached. More importantly, this still is something enjoyed by both kids and adults.

Will you do 6″ in the future?

In short, yes, if I can. At one point my intent was to start with 6″ figures, but it’s a crowded market and at least initially I didn’t want to compete with friends in the industry. I do think I have something unique to bring, but when I do, I’ll leave certain elements to others, for instance there are plenty of basic 6″ skeletons available elsewhere.

Will there be a bloody variant?

a few folks have mentioned bloody or gory variants. Although the story does feature some usage of blood and grossness in text, I don’t think it really reaches the level worthy of being called “gore.” I also think gore in text, is different than gore in physical form or visual media, so I do not plan on featuring a bloody variant.

Do you have experience in the toy industry?

This will be my first toyline, so in short, no. I have interviewed creators, worked booths, toured headquarters, and leaned on others with more experience to help create the best line possible.