The Templars Survive Beneath Us

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Part 1 features an introduction, and prologue as well as chapter 1. Dr. Clive Bennett of the Rahtio foundation is translating and recording the story of Baruch, a scribe and translator of the Knights Templar. He, along with a small band of knights, were diverted from their duties to investigate grave robbing and kidnappings in and a round a mountain village. They soon find the causes of the recent crimes in the Cueva Del Gato cave system, causes which are more than natural.

In chapter 2 the Templar unit continues their journey deeper into the earth, chasing after a target that was made clear in the previous chapter, but beguiling bones are not the only hazard they will face.

It also seems Dr. Bennett’s son John, felt it necessary to “spice up” his recordings with soundscapes. (In reality these are provided by Jason Shook)

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In chapter 3 the Templars discover the origins of their opponents atop a subterranean structure.


Chapters 4 and 5 take the tale into the modern day.