Trivia Image Blanks

Want to share your Nerd knowledge with the rest of the web?  Wanna join in with us to better insure that work is seen and help build a community? have some Photoshop or Image editing skills? (if you know trivia but can’t edit images, skip to the last paragraph, you can still contribute! )

The following templates are free to use with simple condition that you allow us to host them when your finished (but you can’t host them on your site too!) and leave the tag intact so that we can credit for the template’s creation. There is a spot in each template for you to input your name or the name of your blog, website,group etc.

Please avoid using images with watermarks, copying another website’s text verbatim, or using images that you shouldn’t use (clearly belong to some one else, fan art, customs etc. that isn’t yours and you do not have permission to use etc.) We will weed out repeated trivia, but if you try to avoid repeating something that’s already been submitted that too is appreciated.

There are two main types of trivia images currently. (just right click to save) for examples on previously completed trivia images CLICK HERE.

This image blank is for general nerd trivia, only G.I.Joe currently has a separate template.


Here is the G.I.Joe one:



All Logos, trademarked and copyrighted material belong to their respective owners. Our intent is only to use for educational (trivia) and fan purposes to spread the love of the brand!

Submissions of completed works can be posted below, or e-mailed to

Can’t photoshop?  Don’t worry! You can help us by posting trivia in text form below, and if possible a link to a useful image that could be used by another reader, or staff member to create a trivia image.

We want to hear from YOU! your thoughts?

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