We are now Ad-Free and sporting a new background


Good News Everyone ! (Who read that as Prof. Farnsworth? Be honest now!)  Currently as far forward as possible Nerdrahtio.com is Ad-Free. You may have never noticed the ads here, I didn’t as I use adblocker, but maybe you did. No more.  Our youtube videos will still feature some ads (depending on the video) but those are expected, and usually skip-able (and if it ever earns money it goes to us, not WordPress.) I was recently driven to do this as another website I occasionally check on mobile became unaccessable because of the Ads via mobile. No more distractions here, no more click barriers etc. if you even saw them.

It wasn’t free to us, and if you enjoy the site, podcast, or youtube and want to help cover some of that cost, you can use the OTHER drop down menu above to pitch in a bit on paypal, if not no worries, just enjoy. You may also be interested in on of our t-shirts, again using the tab above. It’s not about making money, but it would be nice to be more even, either way we just enjoy sharing nerdy things!

You may also notice the new background, I hope you enjoy! A similar pattern will soon be used for cards we can give out at conventions etc.

Check out these amazing “AVERAGE JOE” t-shirts


Use the T-Shirt button above or click RIGHT HERE to head to the Zazzle store.

Just the first of many, these t-shirts are made to order in our zazzle store and feature 2 designs, one more classic looking, another more cartoony and are customizable for your taste.Basic version starts at 15.95, and discount codes are usually available right on the site.

Big thanks to Diana Davis for help with the classic version of the shirt, helping me get the image, and in both designs I received feedback from her, and Nerdrahtio contributors Tom and Dave.

Zazzle does the printing and set the cost. I do get a small portion (less than $1.75, actual amount varies per shirt) It’s a very small amount, and I actually could not set it lower than I did on the site. My goal is not to make a net profit, just to be closer to breaking even on the site. That portion will be used to cover audio hosting, website fees, as well as cover expenses already put toward the site (and due to some issues when switching to the Nerdrahtio name at the end of last year, expenses where much more than usual.)

Thanks for checking it out, these will be available indefinitely on our zazzle store, but that doesn’t mean you should wait. Zazzle usual as a special of some sort going, take advantage it if you dig the shirt.  Got feedback ? comment below, or hit us up @ nerdrahtio@gmail.com


Nerdrahtio T-Shirts available


Why T-shirts? 1. It is further protection of my intellecutal property (unfortantely I have experience with that, so as snobby as it’s sounds, its for legit reasons) 2. I WANTED ONE!

If you happen to want one you can find them HERE.

the minimum amount from zazzle will go to me if enough our purchased (5 %) the rest goes to zazzle for production of the shirt. They are more expensive because they are printed on demand.  Maybe this can be a spot for more shirts designed in the future?


We are on Itunes! gives us a rating if you enjoyed the Gary Goggles tribute, or Sam Wells episodes!

blueboardNWe have technically be up for awhile on Itunes, but  as I near completed on editing our third episodes I wanted to give a heads up so you could subscribe, and if you enjoyed the last two we would appreciate a rating! Click HERE for Itunes or Use the drop down menu above to locate us on Itunes, or Stitcher !


Meet the Blue Board: Happy New Year, now with slightly updated design.

blueboardNAlthough I enjoyed our previous “chalk board” look, in the spirit of moving forward, and the new year, I thought it was a great time to go ahead with the logo changes I have planed since the name change.

Soon you will notice variations of the banner on rotation each time you visit or refresh the page.

I’ve had a great vacation, and I hope to be catching up with things I intended to post, SOON.


Menu Reconstruction

5by5nDue to internal changes, the Podcast link is temporarily dead. Stay tuned for it’s return.

Forums have temporarily been removed until I can insure  no one has inappropriate access.

You might also notice some other menu changes, including another dead link. I apologize, but I’m making things more tidy and things will be back to working order soon.



We have added a blog roll! Come and check it out and tell us if you want to be on it

5by5nit’s been on my to do list for a long while, but now I’ve finally taken the time to add a “Blog Roll” to the site. Plenty of links to good places to read, learn form, discuss at, watch etc.

If you would like to add us to your blog roll (if you have one) let me know and I’ll add you. If you have added the .com in the past under our previous name (yournerdnation.com) I’d appreciate an update to the new one as the old one won’t be active forever, and of course let me know so I can add you to the blogroll!

Know something else, not even your site, that really deserves some attention on the list?

let us know. -Sam

Check out the new NERDVERSITY.COM (Merger complete)

5by5nFor over a year now the Nerdversity 101 podcast has been coming to you “regularly” ( 🙂 ) and during the time the Your Nerd Nation blog has been a strong participant sharing the news and episodes, doing some image work, and occasionally being represented on the show by me (revsears) this planned merger has been a long time coming. the yournerdnation.com is still active but the blog is now officially the blog component of Nerdversity. The new facebook page is linked on the left, and changes continue to occur to improve the layout of the blog, and the unity of the Nerdversity brand.  This means we do more together than we could apart. I am excited about things to come. -revsears