Nerdrahtio podcast: Not Picard reveals unreleased wax sculpts and More from Joe (very few of seen these!)


Not Picard (Patrick Stewart, but not that one) revealed some wonderful images to us for this interview. With him we Tom and I(Sam) dive into the early 00’s and the “new sculpt” era of Joe with unreleased wax sculpts, preproduction information, trivia, and somehow we even end up talking transformers too. You can use the drop down “podcasts” menu above to listen via Itunes, stitcher, or our audio host but for your convenience it is also mirrored below. Be sure to scroll past it for the images, as well as the shout outs from this episode.

*Note some of these images were used after the recording for a Joedeclassified presentation at Coil Con 6. Thanks for letting me and James Kavanaugh do the presentation, it was an honor to be involved. I apologize to Pat, and to all of you, for the long time it took me to edit this.

Pat is also involved with both Joe Declassified and Yojoe. Both are wonderful sources of information on Joe.

If you like this kind of information, and are interested in the original 3 3/4 ” Joes check out Dan K’s Kickstarter for a book with even more never before seen images and info about the 80’s masterpiece that was G.I.Joe A Real American Hero.

Dig art? Check out Carson of 3DJoe’s Kickstarter for books collecting the art of G.I.Joe.

The Folks of Roma Collectibles are friends of mine, and I had a blast at the Ohio Toy and Comic Show,  Give their FB Pages a like, and seriously consider coming out next year.

Also Springboro Hobby has an ebay store with plenty of great items .Tell them I sent you!

(We also reference a previous that contains images, our first one! check it out here)

20150706_042632 20150706_042639 20150706_042726

20150706_04223820150706_041948 20150706_042010 20150706_042016 20150706_042041



20150507_054740 20150507_054753 20150507_054800 20150507_055122 20150706_041449 20150706_041512 20150706_041735

20150706_043347 20150706_043442 20150707_194718 20150707_194935 20150707_195007 20150707_195049 20150707_195108 20150707_195204 20150707_195225 20150707_195812 20150707_223305 img029 img030 img031 img032 img033 img034 img035 img036

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and YES at some point I do want to match these images and audio together in youtube form !

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