The History of G.I.Joe: Gary “Gyre-Viper” Goggles fills us in on the birth of A Real American Hero


Join Sam (me) and Aaron as they look at 50 years of GI Joe. This time, they’re joined by Gary “Goggles” Head AKA Gyre-Viper from JoeDeclassified and the JDSO podcast. In this episode, we take a look at the origins of the 1980s relaunch of GI Joe: A Real American Hero, retouching quickly on the 12″ iteration’s origin. Gary lends us his brain, Aaron fills us in on a few things that were happening in Europe at the same time with Action Force, and finally Aaron asks both Gary and Sam about the future of the brand. This is an extravaganza of awesome Joe stuff. You can listen to it bellow in the embedded audio player. For more of Sam, stay on this website and use the drop down menu above, for more from Aaron head to the new nerdversity101 page:





Sadly Gary Head passed after this recording. He was incredibly supportive in the relaunch to Nerdrahtio and had planned to return to discuss more topics, including an episode one of his favorite comics Age of Apocalypse. He is missed daily by children, their mother, family and friends.

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Nerdversity101 interviews Duke himself, Michael Bell, covering his work on Joe, TF, Star Trek and even Star Wars!



Nerdversity 101 recently had the privilege of interviewing Michael Bell, whose work spans an astonishing amount of Nerd Culture and beyond.

Join a crew of Nerdversity members: Aaron “SoloJones”, Alex “Jaxs”, Sam, “rev”, Steve “the Cornish gamer”, Hayden Blackhawk, Chris and newcomer Mark.

as they chat with Michael Bell about his Sunbow work, work with DC comics Characters, Rugrats, his live action work including Star Trek, covering the new adaptions of his past work, and finally revealing his Star Wars voice work that isn’t even listed on IMBD! We didn’t even touch all of his roles, if you’ve watched any decent toons you’ve heard his voice, now hear from the man himself. It’s embedded below for your convenience *Note: there were some quality issues that occur occasionally that I simply couldn’t fix and Mr. Bell drops off a bit a few times.

Want to hear more from Micheal Bell?

Check him out on Opus n’ Bill in a Wish for Wings that Work, which can be found on Amazon.

You can also hear his voice working Transformers Rescue Bots on the Hub

and you can find his Directorial work in the Lebrons webisodes HERE.

You can also check out

his daughters work with elephants at Love and Bananas, which Michael enthusiastically recommended.

or see her in the superhero movie Sparks.

A shout to Diana Davis for the image used above as well as the questions, and her enthusiasm.

This episode contains sound fx and music provided by

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Nerdversity101 episode 27: an interview with/Buzz Dixon :the Most Dangerous Man in the World G.I.Joe novel

Hector_RamirezJoin us (Aaron “solojones, Alex “Jaxs”, Sam or rev, and the Cornish Gamer) as we interview Buzz Dixon, possibly most famous for his roles as staff writer and story editor for Sunbow’s G.I.Joe cartoon. He has a bigger impact than that, and we talk about everything from Thundarr the Barbarian to his thoughts on fanfiction in general, but the key focus is his upcoming The Most Dangerous Man in the world which will is a “lost tale” of sorts. It will tell a story meant for the animated show prior to the inclusion of Serpentor and Cobra-La

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In the mean time check out for short “fictoids” ,announcements and more from Mr. Dixon.

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5by5nFor over a year now the Nerdversity 101 podcast has been coming to you “regularly” ( 🙂 ) and during the time the Your Nerd Nation blog has been a strong participant sharing the news and episodes, doing some image work, and occasionally being represented on the show by me (revsears) this planned merger has been a long time coming. the is still active but the blog is now officially the blog component of Nerdversity. The new facebook page is linked on the left, and changes continue to occur to improve the layout of the blog, and the unity of the Nerdversity brand.  This means we do more together than we could apart. I am excited about things to come. -revsears

Nerdversity Podcasts have a new host and new episodes!

nerdnationminilogoNerdversity 101 podcasts have a brand new host, Podcast Garden and can now be found HERE.  I have updated our tab on the top of the menu.

Most recently SoloJones has uploaded a detailed discussion of the sci-fi classic Enemy mine which includes bowspearer and myself and an episode focusing on the Addams family. give them a listen. -revsears

Nerdiversity 101 podcast tackles undrated cartoons

yogibearJoin Aaron Wood, Jaxs Trugrave, Dakana, Aladar, Berias and myself as we take a look at some of the underrated and somewhat obscure cartoons. I of course bring up Pirates of the Dark water again but we quickly launch out  to many others including lesser known spin offs of more major properties and “rip-off” or “cash-in” toons.

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Bonus: If you listen really carefully you can hear my son crying in the background, so does that mean he has a cameo?

Nerdiversity 101 Podcast: Hanna Barbera 101

yogibearJoin Aaron Wood, Aladar, and myself as we take a look at the history of Hanna Barbera covering the well knowns like Yogi and Scooby, to those you might not realize where Hanna Barbera like Pirates of the Dark water. Oh, how i love that show!

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