Nerdversity 101 interviews Neil Ross voice of Shipwreck, Springer and many more

shipwreckJoin SoloJones, Jaxs, Hayden Blackhawk, Cornishgamer, Ginrai Prime and Sam (rev) as they interview Neil Ross, voice of Springer, Shipwreck, Buzzer, Hook, Bonecrusher, Slag and even Hector Ramirez!

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The following video was also referenced in the show. This was the inspiration for shipwrecks voice. be warned this video has NSFW language.


Note: It takes two baby! by that I mean we had some audio issues that Aaron asked me to address and we both had hand in editing this one. I also apologize for being late, was busy with important real life matters. -Sam

Nerdversity101 interviews Duke himself, Michael Bell, covering his work on Joe, TF, Star Trek and even Star Wars!



Nerdversity 101 recently had the privilege of interviewing Michael Bell, whose work spans an astonishing amount of Nerd Culture and beyond.

Join a crew of Nerdversity members: Aaron “SoloJones”, Alex “Jaxs”, Sam, “rev”, Steve “the Cornish gamer”, Hayden Blackhawk, Chris and newcomer Mark.

as they chat with Michael Bell about his Sunbow work, work with DC comics Characters, Rugrats, his live action work including Star Trek, covering the new adaptions of his past work, and finally revealing his Star Wars voice work that isn’t even listed on IMBD! We didn’t even touch all of his roles, if you’ve watched any decent toons you’ve heard his voice, now hear from the man himself. It’s embedded below for your convenience *Note: there were some quality issues that occur occasionally that I simply couldn’t fix and Mr. Bell drops off a bit a few times.

Want to hear more from Micheal Bell?

Check him out on Opus n’ Bill in a Wish for Wings that Work, which can be found on Amazon.

You can also hear his voice working Transformers Rescue Bots on the Hub

and you can find his Directorial work in the Lebrons webisodes HERE.

You can also check out

his daughters work with elephants at Love and Bananas, which Michael enthusiastically recommended.

or see her in the superhero movie Sparks.

A shout to Diana Davis for the image used above as well as the questions, and her enthusiasm.

This episode contains sound fx and music provided by

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First Joe con exclusive figure revealed : Cobra Lab Rat


The cobra lab rat is said to be based on cobra cartoon scientists ( but that head really hurts that idea)

He comes with a suitcase with the compound z introduced in the pursuit of cobra line an injector to zombify their victims and a repurposed bomb ( now called a tablet ) that first came with a 25th CC in a MASS device pack.

The ultimate CC arms work well with the the Rise of Cobra Rex lab coat but the blue colored. Ultimate cc body underneath is obviously CC in a way that robs the figure of standing on his own. The head would work as an alternative a removable gas mask but the hat underneath the hood betrays a lack of formality and uniform.

The Arbco label is a nice detail referring to the RAH legitimate front business for Cobra. sadly the large Cobra symbol on the chest ruins the disguise similar to the way blatant deception logos would draw attention in traffic.

The set will will come with 2 of these for the rest of the sets reveals stay tuned both here and at

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Mindbender’s Clinic and Toy show in Rapid City SD this weekend!

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoMay 18th is this Saturday! That means it’s almost time for Mindbender’s Clinic and Toy Show in Rapid City SD featuring the original voice actor for Dr. Mindbender from the Sunbow G.I.Joe cartoons.



mindbender clinic flyer3


Coming to Rapid City SD
Mindbender’s Clinic!
Come see the original voice of Dr Mindbender!
Finally a convention for the midwest.
GIJOE fans actors and acting students alike will enjoy this show featuring Brian Cummings as a guest speaker.
Watch the original 1987 GIJOE cartoon movie!
One of a kind items will be on display.
Swap meet

Dr. Mindbender
Evil  mad scientist, creator of Serpentor, crazy dentist, and all around bad dude in a purple cape.
What does it take to find just the right tone and vocal inflection to bring such a character to life? Find out on Saturday May 18th, 2013 in Rapid City when Brian Cummings returns to South Dakota.
Brian will regale and entertain you with stories from his varied and amusing career.

Call the Rapid City Marriot Fairfield Inn and Suites to reserve your room today.

mention you are part of Mindbender’s clinic for a special room rate.
for registration forms for attending or setting up a table contact via email:
and if anyone would like to share pictures of the event after words I’d love to front page them.
For more info hit up
Good luck to forum user, and active G.I.Joe community member around the web, Skinny! he has been promoting the heck out of this.
Wish I could be there. -revsears


G.I.Joe /Freedom by Paul Mchartney Music Video Mashup by Dragonrider1227

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoI know Dragonrider1227 from Joe forums, you may know him for Toyin Around either way you need to see a creation he shared via his youtube page. He has mixed G.I.Joe sunbow cartoon footage to create a music vvideo to Paul Mchartney’s song, “freedom.” It’s embeded below.

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