Nerdversity101 interviews Duke himself, Michael Bell, covering his work on Joe, TF, Star Trek and even Star Wars!



Nerdversity 101 recently had the privilege of interviewing Michael Bell, whose work spans an astonishing amount of Nerd Culture and beyond.

Join a crew of Nerdversity members: Aaron “SoloJones”, Alex “Jaxs”, Sam, “rev”, Steve “the Cornish gamer”, Hayden Blackhawk, Chris and newcomer Mark.

as they chat with Michael Bell about his Sunbow work, work with DC comics Characters, Rugrats, his live action work including Star Trek, covering the new adaptions of his past work, and finally revealing his Star Wars voice work that isn’t even listed on IMBD! We didn’t even touch all of his roles, if you’ve watched any decent toons you’ve heard his voice, now hear from the man himself. It’s embedded below for your convenience *Note: there were some quality issues that occur occasionally that I simply couldn’t fix and Mr. Bell drops off a bit a few times.

Want to hear more from Micheal Bell?

Check him out on Opus n’ Bill in a Wish for Wings that Work, which can be found on Amazon.

You can also hear his voice working Transformers Rescue Bots on the Hub

and you can find his Directorial work in the Lebrons webisodes HERE.

You can also check out

his daughters work with elephants at Love and Bananas, which Michael enthusiastically recommended.

or see her in the superhero movie Sparks.

A shout to Diana Davis for the image used above as well as the questions, and her enthusiasm.

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Update: This is past work of mine (Sam) but this website has changed from to and I am no longer associated with the current form of nerdversity101. There was drama, but things are civil at the moment. If you want to check them out you can here:

or you can continue on this website for more work from me (Sam) and other Nerdrahtio members.

A Great day for Poor (and/or cheap) Nerds everywhere (MOS and new Futurama )

SupermanI was surprised to see there was zero delay between release of the final season of Futurama and it coming to Netflix. It’s been a long time fav of mine, and my wife is a bigger fan than me (and has the toys and stuffed animals to prove it!) So give it a watch if you haven’t yet. I’ll still be being her the Blu ray for the commentary, Futurama has always had some of the best commentary tracks.

I was also notified by the handy dandy remind me option at redbox that Man of Steel is now available. I’ve been a slacker and haven’t seen it yet, so if your like me you can get a  viewing in now that it’s a buck and change for a night with the blu ray.


A review of Batman # 23 by Steve of Games and Comics London


(Steve) Review of Batman #23

I hear echoes of Albert Camus and Louis Borges as the Red Hood lectures a battered and helpless Bruce Wayne in the flaming remains of his apartment.

“The randomness, the empty center. Stare into it and try to find meaning, you’ll go mad.” Camus could’ve written that – but it was Scott Snyder giving some tremendous depth to his incarnation of the Red Hood and flexing his writerly muscles in this philosophical and action-packed installment of Batman: Zero Year.

Snyder has done an incredible job with this villain. Its engrossing to try and see things from a villain’s perspective and Red Hood’s is a belief so common that it could easily be you or me beneath that mask. If you’ve ever been a few car-lengths behind a vicious auto accident, or if you’ve ever said “That could’ve been me…” You may be the Red Hood, and that is a brilliant feeling to take away from a comic book.

The villains aren’t the only ones who get their fair share of character development in this issue. Young Bruce Wayne continues down the path fate has drawn for him as he becomes Batman and we get a welcome but brief look into some more violence in Alfred’s past.

The artwork by this team continues to be great. While Capullo’s drawing is a little too Saturday-morning Cartoonish for my tastes, Miki takes a lot edge off with using dark colors and shading reminiscent of the film-noir era the World’s Greatest Detective was born out of.

Batman #23 is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the strongest showing of the Zero Year story arc so far and any fan of Batman or existential philosophy is doing their self a disservice by not picking it up while there may be some still around.

To read more of Steve’s Reviews or to follow the comic book shop he works at check out Games and Comics (London KY)on facebook.

Tim Curry as the Joke in this terrifying for a kids cartoon clip (hear what could have been prior to Hamil)

Batman_USA_Flag_Logo2_POP_190_190.jpgBatman’s villain the Joker is just as iconic as the dark knight himself. While some might debate Ledger vs. Nicholson, fans of the 90’s animated series could easily point to Mark Hamil’s incarnation of the character as the voice they always hear in their head. The laugh he pulls off will forever be the joker in my mind for sure.

Recently i discovered that Mark Hamil wasn’t the original pic for the role, it was originally set to go to Tim Curry, but his take was deemed too scary for a kids cartoon. Below is a rare youtube clip that i have to agree is somewhat scary even as an adult!

Think now that Hamil has retired from the role we should get this back? Agree that he is too scary? let us know by jumping to the forum by clicking HERE.


Lego Super Heroes Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze: Aquaman on Ice! An Inside Look!


Lego is coming on strong already in 2013 and wasted no time releasing their newest sets when the ball dropped in Times Square on January 1st! Of all 4 sets released in Wave 2 so far, ARCTIC BATMAN VS MR FREEZE: AQUAMAN ON ICE was so far the most exciting for myself. Lets look at the specs before I delve into my review:

Set: 76000

Released” January 2013

Pieces: 198

Figures Included: Arctic Batman / Aquaman / Mr Freeze

Price: $19.99

Perks: 3 New figures and Comic Book


This was the first set I picked up from Walmart out of the 4 latest releases. The fact that both Aquaman and Mr Freeze were included made it a “No Brainer” for myself! Besides the 3 awesome figures, this Batman fan was super psyched about the addition of another tool in Batman’s arsenal: THE BATBOAT!! This thing is “Loaded For Bear”! Two discs you can fire, places to hold two Batarangs, Batbombs strategically placed in the rear to deter pursuers, a 3D screen for Batman to view and just an overall amazing piece of Batman Lego craftmanship! The detail inside the cockpit, as well as the outside is one of the best they have released to date!


The old saying, “big things come in small packages” is so true when it pertains to the ice prison Mr Freeze captures Aquaman in. Designed with a lever on the side, Aquaman can break free when Batman comes to the rescue!


Of course I saved the best for last! What I do like the most is the figures! Lego figures usually sell by themselves for $10+. That being said, at a retail price of $19.99, I see it as great deal! The figures alone on Ebay would run you $30+! Aquaman was my “Golden Egg” since I am on a personal quest to assemble The Lego Justice League! Mr Freeze’s new design is great and gives me a Arkham City feel. Even though simplistic, the designers over at Lego Corp did one Hell of a job with Freeze’s gun as well! Artic Batman is a new variant that you can alongside of the ever growing Batman suits.

In closing, The Batcave is looking even better with this new set and I highly recommend you picking this up if you haven’t already! Now I must go and count my pennies in preparation for the soon to be released Arkham Asylum set ($169.99 OUCH!)!!


Let us know what you think of the product, or the review in our forums here.

New Superman toys reveal a look at Zod

DC2Comicbookmovie review have posted pictures mirrored from the french site ToyzMag These pics reveal 2 good looks at Zod in all black, one in a more amrored form and both with a simliar sheild symbol to superman.

Check out the mirrored pigs of Zod below, the full story on combicbookmovie, and of course hit the forums for discussion on the upcoming movie.

a cutesy armored Zod

a cutesy armored Zod

a dark superman looking Zod

a dark superman looking Zod

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