latest Podcast interviews Jason and his kickstarter for THE KINGDOM action figures

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Sam, Silent Tom, and Drew interview Jason from Spero. He gives us the lowdown on the property, from comic book, and now action figures via kickstarter.  You can listen via the embedded player below, or use the drop down menu above to subscribe to us on Itunes or Stitcher for easy mobile listening. Be sure to check out his KICKSTARTER HERE and the SPERO FB PAGE HERE.

the images that we talk about can be seen HERE.

You can see some prototypes at Alyosha’s both at Joe con this upcoming week. You can also see me and Drew there! (Say Hi!)   We will be doing some live youtubing, and recording some short podcasts and videos from con, so be sure to subscribe to our youtube, like our fb, follow on twitter etc, if you want the latest, all through the main menu above.

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Sam Wells shares NEW unreleased characters and designs from G.I.Joe in our first new podcast episode!

blueboardN I’m very excited to release our first new episode, now under the Nerdrahtio banner, and with some amazing images that very few have seen before. Sam Wells returns as our guest, Tom “the Silent Assassin” takes his chair as my new co-host, and we analyze and discuss every detail about the images below, which reveal never released Characters, and unused designs from G.I.Joe in the “Joe vs. Cobra” to “Direct to Consumer” era. You can listen via the embedded player below or on our Podcast Garden audio host’s page via the link in the menu above.

Update: the player is not function for some folks, you can go to the podcast directly HERE

(for our last interview with Sam Wells go HERE) As soon as the episodes are available on stitcher and/or Itunes I’ll update the post, so you can listen easily on mobile devices on to the images, Credit to Sam Wells for the images, (please if you share credit it as Sam Wells via )We believe the designs were done by Draxhall Jump please correct us if we are wrong, and his previous domain appears to no longer be active or I would link to it. To wet your appetite a bit. pic10Then in order in which they were discussed: Continue reading

Comic Book Issue spotlight: Giant Size X-Men # 1

Nerdversity Comic Book issue of the week:

X-men Giant Size 1

Author : ALEX JONES 


Deadly genesis for those of you who haven’t read it it starts off That the Cyclops escapes to return to the X-mansion tells the what what happen to the X-men. The Professor X recruits a new team to rescues the original X-men who had disappeared on a mission to the island of Krakoa. in this issue introduce New Characters as well as old ones The Return Of Sunfire,Wolverine and Banshee . Sunfire’s who Made his First appearance on X-men #64 and Wolverine first appearance was Incredible Hulk #181 and banshee X-men #28 Banshee made a on and off appearance in early on x-men issues. There first appearance of the Characters who we grow and love over the years Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Thunderbird.

The team soon learns that Krakoa is not just an island, but a giant mutant as well. Despite a number of personality clashes among the individual members, the new team succeeds in rescuing the old X-Men as well as destroying the island by shooting it into outer space with Polaris’ power. The issue ends by posing the question of the future of a 13-member X-Men team.

for those you who haven’t Read early X-men issues it’s worth Reading and you won’t be disappointed.


Story, edits — Len Wein
Pencils, cover inks — Dave Cockrum
Cover pencils — Gil Kane
Inks — Dave Cockrum & Peter Iro
Letters — John Costanza
Colors — Glynis Wein

G.I.Joe Future NOIR review

noirrosterG.I.Joe Future Noir is one of those obscure alternate takes that almost every property has, that many wouldn’t even know existed.  Idw published the small manga sized black and white trade paper back in 2011.

it featured a young team of Joes  who are sent on a mission by General Hawk. Duke commands a squad consisting of of Scarlet, Roadblock, Sci-fi (with an interesting twist) and a rookie by the name of Helix.  Don’t worry, they met Snake-Eyes along the way.

The first thing you may notice is some of the unusual members on the roster. Sci-fi is no longer the laser trooper from the ARAH days, but instead is a cyborg who serves as pilot, and general computer/support for the team. His face bears a resemblance to Gambit, and his later body part switcheroo reminds me of 90’s era bad comic cyborgs. UPDATE: I initially didn’t see any ties to the classic Sci-Fi here, but Joe Nation’s Casey pointed out that Star Brigade Sci-Fi (v4) had bat like hand attachments and  had been re-assigned to be a pilot.

Continue reading

Zombies Hate Kung Fu : A new comic announced from Very Graphic Novels

zhkfvgnimageVery Graphic Novels have set out a press release (WHICH YOU CAN VIEW HERE)

about the new comic they are launching via Kickstarter. You really should give the video on their kick starter a look. Kung Fu action in a post apocalyptic zombie world with beautiful art, an energetic british writer, and the chance to have your name printed in the back as a supporter.

With 12 days to guy they have 81% of their goal, and I encourage you to go over give it a look and if you have some cash, this looks looks fun and professional enough to fund! -revsears


Knowing is half the battle: introducing a G.I.Joe themed, “Did you Know” image series

benchpresscomicsSimilar to the series I introduced yesterday, only this one has a template purely for Joe. Let me know what you think! Once I have gotten the template the way i want it, i’m smelling another contest!

Update: For more info on the potential comics check out YOJOE.COM, specifically HERE.  -revsears

A review of Batman # 23 by Steve of Games and Comics London


(Steve) Review of Batman #23

I hear echoes of Albert Camus and Louis Borges as the Red Hood lectures a battered and helpless Bruce Wayne in the flaming remains of his apartment.

“The randomness, the empty center. Stare into it and try to find meaning, you’ll go mad.” Camus could’ve written that – but it was Scott Snyder giving some tremendous depth to his incarnation of the Red Hood and flexing his writerly muscles in this philosophical and action-packed installment of Batman: Zero Year.

Snyder has done an incredible job with this villain. Its engrossing to try and see things from a villain’s perspective and Red Hood’s is a belief so common that it could easily be you or me beneath that mask. If you’ve ever been a few car-lengths behind a vicious auto accident, or if you’ve ever said “That could’ve been me…” You may be the Red Hood, and that is a brilliant feeling to take away from a comic book.

The villains aren’t the only ones who get their fair share of character development in this issue. Young Bruce Wayne continues down the path fate has drawn for him as he becomes Batman and we get a welcome but brief look into some more violence in Alfred’s past.

The artwork by this team continues to be great. While Capullo’s drawing is a little too Saturday-morning Cartoonish for my tastes, Miki takes a lot edge off with using dark colors and shading reminiscent of the film-noir era the World’s Greatest Detective was born out of.

Batman #23 is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the strongest showing of the Zero Year story arc so far and any fan of Batman or existential philosophy is doing their self a disservice by not picking it up while there may be some still around.

To read more of Steve’s Reviews or to follow the comic book shop he works at check out Games and Comics (London KY)on facebook.

New Iron Man III trailer, and what it confirms

marvellogoEarlier Today a new Iron Man III trailer hit the net.  It showed us some scenes that we have already had glimpses off, but it also showed us more and confirmed some things we already knew. The design reveals in this trailer were very impressive, check it out embedded below,with spoilerish commentary after.

So it’s been confirmed, loads of armors. I find it bizarre that the movie that best lends itself to a toyline full of different Iron Man Armors, has the crappiest marvel toys produced this side of the 90’s. 5 POAs, and a line that takes such a noble concept, as creativity, customizing, and swapping armors, and reduces it to  blocks like the 5 POAs and gives us such varied colors and designs that nothing makes sense when swapped, nothing.

All the negativity of the toyline aside, this trailer confirms we have some excellently designed Iron Men to look forward to, that there is some type of process Tony, and others appear to undergo,  and that Mandarin continues to be Bad @$$. We see a Stark that is suffering from PTSD after the first movie, and one who loves Pepper.  The president’s inclusion is a bit surprising. The seriousness of the matter will likely lead many to ask where the other Avengers are and I think it will be simpler to answer than War Machine’s Absence from the Avengers (yes I know there is going to be or already is a comic  that addresses that) Cap + Black Widow, and shield are dealing with another thread, hawkeye may be off screen, but is on assignment somewhere, dealing with a threat less cinematic, more important, Thor is in Asgaurd,and Banner is hiding.

Iron Man II disappointed many, and although I enjoyed it, i’m hoping for more here.  Is anyone else helping in a suit? Do believe some of the rumors?

Our forums now have a button for spoiler tags, how convenient ! Head to the forum to join the discussion in progress, and talk about some of those other rumors, and the implications of the trailer. CLICK HERE.