Coil Con 2013 exclusives look back.


It’s the time again. Coil Con is this Saturday in Indy (click here for more info)   As we look forward to a good time hanging out together, checking the new exclusives in person (including the obscure Weaponsmith from G.I.Joe European Missions!) I thought I would share the pics of my set from last year in a sort of review/ more of a spotlight.

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G.I.Joe Future NOIR review

noirrosterG.I.Joe Future Noir is one of those obscure alternate takes that almost every property has, that many wouldn’t even know existed.  Idw published the small manga sized black and white trade paper back in 2011.

it featured a young team of Joes  who are sent on a mission by General Hawk. Duke commands a squad consisting of of Scarlet, Roadblock, Sci-fi (with an interesting twist) and a rookie by the name of Helix.  Don’t worry, they met Snake-Eyes along the way.

The first thing you may notice is some of the unusual members on the roster. Sci-fi is no longer the laser trooper from the ARAH days, but instead is a cyborg who serves as pilot, and general computer/support for the team. His face bears a resemblance to Gambit, and his later body part switcheroo reminds me of 90’s era bad comic cyborgs. UPDATE: I initially didn’t see any ties to the classic Sci-Fi here, but Joe Nation’s Casey pointed out that Star Brigade Sci-Fi (v4) had bat like hand attachments and  had been re-assigned to be a pilot.

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Coil Con IV andand Coil Club Wisconsion meets ups Dates and info.

08_CobraCommanderCoil Con IV has been announced. Coil Con III was my  first ever con experience and i had a blast if you can make it you should attend.  It will be held on Aug. 24th this year. For more info head here, or to their facebook page.

Coil Club also has an upcoming meeting in Wisconsin for those of you close to that area. It’s coming up really quick Feb. 10th. Head to their facebook page for more info.

Have a gathering you want us to do know about? Let us know here in the forum for gatherings and cons.  I’ll front page each one as I am able.

-Sam B. Sears