G.I.Joe Future NOIR review

noirrosterG.I.Joe Future Noir is one of those obscure alternate takes that almost every property has, that many wouldn’t even know existed.  Idw published the small manga sized black and white trade paper back in 2011.

it featured a young team of Joes  who are sent on a mission by General Hawk. Duke commands a squad consisting of of Scarlet, Roadblock, Sci-fi (with an interesting twist) and a rookie by the name of Helix.  Don’t worry, they met Snake-Eyes along the way.

The first thing you may notice is some of the unusual members on the roster. Sci-fi is no longer the laser trooper from the ARAH days, but instead is a cyborg who serves as pilot, and general computer/support for the team. His face bears a resemblance to Gambit, and his later body part switcheroo reminds me of 90’s era bad comic cyborgs. UPDATE: I initially didn’t see any ties to the classic Sci-Fi here, but Joe Nation’s Casey pointed out that Star Brigade Sci-Fi (v4) had bat like hand attachments and  had been re-assigned to be a pilot.

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G.I.Joe, Doctor Who, and True Blood Comic Apps removed from the IOS Store.

20140206-003150.jpgCredit to Diana of the G.I.Joe Discussion Group on Facebook.

What does this mean for the future of the brands? at least in comic form?  I can’t speak to True Blood for certain, Doctor Who appears to be going strong on the small screen, but Joe appears to have no presence at toy fair, and Hasbro isn’t presenting anything at Joe con, we know of no design team for Joe, and recently one Joe comic ended (Costa’s Cobra Files)

Hama’s G.I.Joe a Real American Hero seems to be well loved by fans, infact it seems to have gained steam after early concerns over the return of the brain wave scanner, and accidental inclusion of the dead character Sneak Peek.

My not so educated Guess? G.I.Joe isn’t going anywhere, neither is Doctor Who, but the focus on them will be smaller, possibly going down to only 2 or less books a moth, and with less being produced IDW simply  may not feel they need to have a dedicated app for them.

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The life of Billy, Son of Cobra Commander in pictures.

08_CobraCommanderWhile many of us were busy eating turkey, celebrating Hanukkah or Thanksgiving, and possibly being stuck in traffic because we traveled to do so, Skinny was super busy.  check out  his image based retelling of the of Billy, the son of Commander as it unfolded in the comics over the years. After you check it out, give it a link and I’d recommend subscribing to the barking fridge page as well.