G.I.Joe, Doctor Who, and True Blood Comic Apps removed from the IOS Store.

20140206-003150.jpgCredit to Diana of the G.I.Joe Discussion Group on Facebook.

What does this mean for the future of the brands? at least in comic form?  I can’t speak to True Blood for certain, Doctor Who appears to be going strong on the small screen, but Joe appears to have no presence at toy fair, and Hasbro isn’t presenting anything at Joe con, we know of no design team for Joe, and recently one Joe comic ended (Costa’s Cobra Files)

Hama’s G.I.Joe a Real American Hero seems to be well loved by fans, infact it seems to have gained steam after early concerns over the return of the brain wave scanner, and accidental inclusion of the dead character Sneak Peek.

My not so educated Guess? G.I.Joe isn’t going anywhere, neither is Doctor Who, but the focus on them will be smaller, possibly going down to only 2 or less books a moth, and with less being produced IDW simply  may not feel they need to have a dedicated app for them.

Your thoughts?

Image straight from my iphone and the app below, for more details.


5 Transformers (photoshoped) I wished actually existed! (and a bonus)

autobot06_transformersAMERICANFLAG02I grew up with the original Transformers, often called Generation 1 or “G 1” today.  When Optimus and Megaton had their epic duel in the animated movie, i was riveted and emotional exhausted by the outcome. As an 80’s kid, that movie was my Hamlet, and the show in general was often my philosophy class as well (“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”)

I’m not the only one, and the internet has been kind enough to take it’s photoshop skills and propose some excellent Photoshopped crossover transformers that I deeply want. In Advance i want to say these aren’t my work and that i have collected them from image sites, or message boards over the years, and if you know who made them, let us know!

#5 + 4 BatBotmobiles

740086_403389586413597_202539700_oThe Tumbler looks like it could fit right into a Bay’s take on transformers, even in vehicle mode. The classic look is a little more my style with a slight flair of color to make it pop.
what i’d really love to see his a mock up of one from the Keaton movies.  Why should Marvel have all the fun transformer crossovers anyways?

# 3 Spock Prime

trek-formersOh the beauty! It’s made even better knowing that Leneord Nimory also forced Galvatron for the original animated movie, and Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon.  I’d buy it in a heart beat, and Hasbro even has the Star Trek License at the moment!

# 2 Hound as a G.I.Joe Vehicle

houndxoverSorry it’s not real.  Although i wish Hasbro would steal this idea. For a few years now Hasbro has been making Joe scale vehicles that are actually transformers in disguise, so far it’s only been Decepticons (Starscream, Shockwave, a little Megatron gun, and the Soundwave boom box w/ tapes) While they don’t transform it’s an excellent crossover for fans of both properties. Optimus prime could possibly be done with one of the larger vehicles, but it would look out of place, Hound however? He fits perfectly, give him Clutch the original Joe driver and grease monkey and we are good to go.

#1 the Tardis Transformed

tardistransformerWord’s can’t express the awesome, it just needs a little fez! I’d buy one in a heartbeat! Okay Hasbro UK, you even had a UK original transformers comics, get to cracking on working out a deal here.

And lastly a bonus:

My little robony.

1351838971116I can’t say that i’d be the one to purchase this, but i know friends who would, and shockingly there are several of these floating around. Hasbro owns the rights, maybe it’s time to draw some girls into the transformer fandom?

Let us know what you think of these dream TFs, as well as any photoshoped images you may have found on our forums HERE.  Or Join the the general transformers talk in the Transforum section of our forums.