“Mobster” Custom based on unused G.I.Joe concept art.

pic7Sam Panico is the pride of a custom by Pablo, of the unused concept art for “Mobster.” First released here by Sam Wells. Sam was gracious to let us share a photo here. check it out below (GREAT WORK PABLO!) (also that’s a lot of Sams… -Sam)


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Son of Kwinn Custom based off of unused artwork!

blueboardN Joe Custom Critques Facebook user Felix Stratton (Mercer is that you? ) has created the first custom (that I’m aware) based off the images released by Sam Wells right here on Nerdrahtio.

See them mirrored below (with permission) /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e43/44850936/files/2015/01/img_6224.jpg

Felix says it’s still a WIP in progress, and we look forard to the finished result, but it looks great already!


Here is the original art (we believe is from Draxhall Jump)

below to compare it too:



This custom came to my attention via the Joe Customs Critique FB group. You should check them out.

UPDATE: more images!

1899729_1524455734489559_3936066144109862430_o 10710377_1525062171095582_5421789491887919220_o


The G.I.Joe Millennium Falcon? (an amazing custom by Jeremy Hill found on Universal Joes)

gi-joeI was floored when I first saw this and I had to share it. Check out the images shared below (with permission) of Jeremy Hill’s amazing G.I.Joe Millennium Falcon. He posted Here on Universal Joes a closed G.I.Joe FB page of which I am member (and you should join too, if for no other reason than tell Jeremy how cool this is)

m56 mf1 mf2 mf3 mf4 mf5 mf7

5 Transformers (photoshoped) I wished actually existed! (and a bonus)

autobot06_transformersAMERICANFLAG02I grew up with the original Transformers, often called Generation 1 or “G 1” today.  When Optimus and Megaton had their epic duel in the animated movie, i was riveted and emotional exhausted by the outcome. As an 80’s kid, that movie was my Hamlet, and the show in general was often my philosophy class as well (“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”)

I’m not the only one, and the internet has been kind enough to take it’s photoshop skills and propose some excellent Photoshopped crossover transformers that I deeply want. In Advance i want to say these aren’t my work and that i have collected them from image sites, or message boards over the years, and if you know who made them, let us know!

#5 + 4 BatBotmobiles

740086_403389586413597_202539700_oThe Tumbler looks like it could fit right into a Bay’s take on transformers, even in vehicle mode. The classic look is a little more my style with a slight flair of color to make it pop.
what i’d really love to see his a mock up of one from the Keaton movies.  Why should Marvel have all the fun transformer crossovers anyways?

# 3 Spock Prime

trek-formersOh the beauty! It’s made even better knowing that Leneord Nimory also forced Galvatron for the original animated movie, and Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon.  I’d buy it in a heart beat, and Hasbro even has the Star Trek License at the moment!

# 2 Hound as a G.I.Joe Vehicle

houndxoverSorry it’s not real.  Although i wish Hasbro would steal this idea. For a few years now Hasbro has been making Joe scale vehicles that are actually transformers in disguise, so far it’s only been Decepticons (Starscream, Shockwave, a little Megatron gun, and the Soundwave boom box w/ tapes) While they don’t transform it’s an excellent crossover for fans of both properties. Optimus prime could possibly be done with one of the larger vehicles, but it would look out of place, Hound however? He fits perfectly, give him Clutch the original Joe driver and grease monkey and we are good to go.

#1 the Tardis Transformed

tardistransformerWord’s can’t express the awesome, it just needs a little fez! I’d buy one in a heartbeat! Okay Hasbro UK, you even had a UK original transformers comics, get to cracking on working out a deal here.

And lastly a bonus:

My little robony.

1351838971116I can’t say that i’d be the one to purchase this, but i know friends who would, and shockingly there are several of these floating around. Hasbro owns the rights, maybe it’s time to draw some girls into the transformer fandom?

Let us know what you think of these dream TFs, as well as any photoshoped images you may have found on our forums HERE.  Or Join the the general transformers talk in the Transforum section of our forums.


Serpentor’s Lair custom contest voting

08_CobraCommanderSerpentor’s Lair has been kind enough to exchange banners with us on our message board, and allowed me to share news with them about our custom contests. In return I’m also spreading the word about theirs. (which I will have to enter at some point, since i’m obviously ineligible to win on my own board)  Check out the voting here, and don’t forget to come back to Toy Nation and hit up our G.I.Joe Forums. -revsears

G.I.Joe Custom Contest: Movie Verse 1.5

UPDATE! (I’ve included the original Post below the new one, but for sake of ease, i’ve included the full update on the contest here!)


Good news everyone!   The G.I.Joe Contest I originally told you about here, is still on and the deadline has not only been extended, but the prize package has been sweetened ! I’ll be adding one Con exclusive Saw Viper to the list of prizes.  To get your interested, here are pics of the prizes, for details about the contest, keep reading after the pictures.

This bad boy could be yours, for free! Just enter the contest as this is now one of the prize options!

The other prizes are:

The Hard to find Ashiko with Armor Cycle

Hard to find, and often sought after.
Hard to find, and often sought after. I was lucky to get it at that price, but you can get it for a picture of a custom ! Continue reading