Nerdrahtio (and Tom Brooks) Interviews Josh Blaylock about Operation Nemesis and some Joe talk and even more!

operationnemesisThe Legendary Tom Brooks from Reasonably Intelligent Ramblings joined us as we interviewed Devils Due founder Josh Blaylock. We first discuss his new book, Operation Nemesis, the most serious thing we have ever talked about Nerdrahtio. You could read me review HERE, but as a reminder, it’s about a real genocide, real revenge, real war, and real court room drama, with Nazi’s, religious conflict and more.

We then turn to Josh Blaylock’s time with G.I.Joe (after a short trip talking about weird for 15 minutes or so) and other upcoming and ongoing comics published by Devils Due.

Finally Tom Brooks, Tom Mathias and myself (Sam) chat comic tv news, followed by FSS and other G.I.Joe talk with our news desk.

You can listen via the embedded player below or use the drop down menu above to locate us on Stitcher, Itunes or directly at our audio host: Podcast Garden.

Several images follow in relation to our Joe Talk but I first want to plug Tom Brook’s blog, click his happy mug to head over and check it out. There you will find tons of images of the FSS figures we end up talking about.  I’d also love for you to help add some images!  If yo ucould provide us with an image of heartwrencher from the DDP comic, or white guy varient Alpine we could host here (or maybe something else you here us talk about), we would appreciate it. E-mail us at

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Toy Nation Movieverse 1.5 contest VOTING TIME!

08_CobraCommanderIt’s finally that time, to vote and choose a winner for an excellent custom contest with some great and hard to choose from entries.

This figures represent Characters as they would have appeared in the movieverse, perhaps inbetween the movies or may have appeared on screen but we didn’t get a toy of.

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So I saw Retaliation tonight…

The theatre was almost empty, that does not bode well for the opening weekend. I saw it in max 3D, the small audience laughed a few times, my wife enjoyed it, compared it to expendables which she loves. Me? It was okay.  The Mt. Scene was amazing, but the exposition was so bad just before that it could have came from a motion comic written by 10 year old.

A few quick not spoiler thoughts for now, and i’ll post a full review later.

Stormshadow was the star of the film, and talked only a little more than snake-eyes! His character had the most obvious Arc, and his fight scenes were excellent.

There were several Easter eggs in the film i won’t spoil here, but they made me leap with excitement as i found them! (He did call him brother btw, a lot of people didn’t catch that!)

The action was ratcheted up. The fight choreography was good in places, a little too fast to follow in others, but the fights felt more quick here, and occasionally more brutal, but could have showed more strain from those involved at other times.

For being on the screen so briefly, i really thought Mouse was a good addition.

I was very disappointed in the need to add sex appeal, one of the best things about the last film was that it was more kid friendly than the TFs, while this one still is, it will be longer before my son can see this than I had hoped.

RZA is awful! Just awful.

as I said, full review coming soon, but prior to Joe Con I have several important non site obligations that will keep things slow. During Con, and then again shortly after, explosion of good things!


G.I.Joe movie news and new Trailer

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoIt has it been a busy day news wise for G.I.Joe and unfortunately I’ve been very busy as well.

For the latest trailer, and a the first interview I saw of the day click here to head towards  Other interviews went up around the net as well, for them click the links below.

IGN also has a movie interview

Collider w/ Di Bonaventura

Collider w/ Chu

and Screen Rant (Which i only learned about thanks to

the important info to be gleamed out of this?

1. The movie has not been retrofitted with more Tatum.  But… we do have this quote from one of the interviews ”

But there will be some people who are sad there’s not more Channing Tatum.

DI BONAVENTURA:  Yeah, there will be, for sure.  But, there will be some people that are really happy that Bruce Willis and The Rock have plenty of time.  It’s hard when you have three guys, all of which you want to see be the lead. ”

It does sound like they recognize his potential impact more than originally. my crazy guess, they already filmed the ending where he lives, and it’s the one we will see in theaters.

2. Their is a 10 minute ninja battle with no music. There is also a homage to the silent interlude, this may or may not be the same thing.

3. the IGN interview gives away an order of sequence for the ninja battle

4. Flint’s character is similar to the early comics, we see him grow.

5. They recognize fans of the original Joe would be lost when watching the first movie!

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G.I.Joe Custom Contest: Movie Verse 1.5

UPDATE! (I’ve included the original Post below the new one, but for sake of ease, i’ve included the full update on the contest here!)


Good news everyone!   The G.I.Joe Contest I originally told you about here, is still on and the deadline has not only been extended, but the prize package has been sweetened ! I’ll be adding one Con exclusive Saw Viper to the list of prizes.  To get your interested, here are pics of the prizes, for details about the contest, keep reading after the pictures.

This bad boy could be yours, for free! Just enter the contest as this is now one of the prize options!

The other prizes are:

The Hard to find Ashiko with Armor Cycle

Hard to find, and often sought after.
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