Nerdrahtio (and Tom Brooks) Interviews Josh Blaylock about Operation Nemesis and some Joe talk and even more!

operationnemesisThe Legendary Tom Brooks from Reasonably Intelligent Ramblings joined us as we interviewed Devils Due founder Josh Blaylock. We first discuss his new book, Operation Nemesis, the most serious thing we have ever talked about Nerdrahtio. You could read me review HERE, but as a reminder, it’s about a real genocide, real revenge, real war, and real court room drama, with Nazi’s, religious conflict and more.

We then turn to Josh Blaylock’s time with G.I.Joe (after a short trip talking about weird for 15 minutes or so) and other upcoming and ongoing comics published by Devils Due.

Finally Tom Brooks, Tom Mathias and myself (Sam) chat comic tv news, followed by FSS and other G.I.Joe talk with our news desk.

You can listen via the embedded player below or use the drop down menu above to locate us on Stitcher, Itunes or directly at our audio host: Podcast Garden.

Several images follow in relation to our Joe Talk but I first want to plug Tom Brook’s blog, click his happy mug to head over and check it out. There you will find tons of images of the FSS figures we end up talking about.  I’d also love for you to help add some images!  If yo ucould provide us with an image of heartwrencher from the DDP comic, or white guy varient Alpine we could host here (or maybe something else you here us talk about), we would appreciate it. E-mail us at

tombrooksDDP Issue 1 Snake-eyes Image we refer to:

SS and SE

Zanya  (I love the headsculpt, but like mentioned in the podcast, she does look aged a bit from her first appearance)


IMG_5742 IMG_5744I am so thankful that I was saved from my crappy custom that I started back at the end of the VVV era or so.  IMG_5745 An unproduced Zanya concept we didn’t get.

unproducedzanyaYou can learn more about her HERE in our first podcast under the Nerdrahtio name.

I don’t have an unaltered DDP inspired 25th Stormshadow but here are some custom pics below:

IMG_5746 IMG_5747 IMG_5748(working on a new one at some point)

Did you know that whole Puritan belt buckle on their head thing was a myth? Yeah that comes up believe it or not, read more HERE.

We mention Helix here is our Trivia Image about her origin.  (If you want to see more of those go HERE)

HelixDYKwe revealed NEW info about the 25th red ninja (at least I hadn’t seen it out there)

so here is a NEW trivia image


and some shots that I used to make it in the A.M.

redninja redninjasonwallbackground

and finally here is a teaser for the next podcast in the editing log, which I had planned to get done 5/16 but considering that’s today I expect I maybe  a wee bit late.


Likes, Itunes ratings, youtube subcribing etc. really appreciated as we have had someone who… we shall say does not wish us success at the moment give some ratings etc. It happens to everyone, wouldn’t really be anything if we didn’t have someone doing that, right?

Don’t forget about our Facebook giveaway (a Protoype armor Bobba Fett) HERE

Hope to get the next episode done really soon, Share etc and thanks so much for listening and looking!


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