Podcast interview with Jonathan Cathey CEO of The Loyal Subjects: Reveals, News and Discussion: Joe, TMNT, TF, MMPR, MOTU, Attack on Titan, How To train your Dragon and more!


Jonathan Cathey Ceo/owner of the Loyal Subjects comes on to discuss how he got in to the business, the upcoming (and currently hot topic) G.I.Joe wave 2 and how that line has changed, as well as TF, streetfight, MOTU and more.

You can listen via the embedded player below, or use the drop down menu above to find us on Itunes, Stitcher, or directly on our audio host at podcastgarden. Be sure to look at the pics, info and links below! You will want to check them out, as additional images have been added since this was first posted, and links to full galleries with even more images are below. (If I put them all on here, this might never load!)


jointsheadpopofftmnt  Yes, I was able to pop a head off, so for customizers that might be good, but be careful, Karai didn’t seem to do as well, her head seemed softer and more hollow. kariaAn example of a female, maybe a stand in for a Jinx or Ronin for Joe fans?

Dukeandmayodukesmayo2Courtesy of Diana Davis.  Duke Mayo Image taken from Mike Samsel, whom you should know via Universal Joes Fb Group (and others)

Run down of some of the news:

Licenses, info, and news in General for the Loyal Subject:

Prices on most lines about 13 $ (it’s 10 for barely articulated vinyl, so you are simply paying for the extra articulation (and to be fair, quality and variety in sculpts and more), in my book, well worth it.

New Licenses acquired: MOTU, Street Fighter, How to train your Dragon, Attack on Titan, and a new original property.  CLICK HERE for how to Train your Dragon Images.

Playsets and vehicles are in the works for some properties including G.I.Joe and Master of the Universe (He-man!)

The Joe news:

G.I.Joe wave 2 stays the same as previously revealed, and has a female chase figure.

So we know the following will be in Wave 2: Dusty, Blowtorch, Major Bludd, Beachead, Cobra Trooper, Crimson Guard, firefly, Roadblock, Goggled Se copperhead and a Female.

sightlinewithgogglesSightline, the figure Hasbro named after the recently deceased Gary Goggles Head was discussed. For the photoshop mock ups, and more about how this prolific member of the fandom had such an impact on the hobby that Hasbro felt it appropriate to name a figure after him go HERE to another article of ours with more info about him.

CLICK HERE to check out the G.I.Joe gallery on Facebook.

TMNT news:

TMNT will soon have a classic yellow April O’Neil

Wave 2 will focus on the cartoon.

exclusives coming to hasting a Glow in the Dark 4 pack, as well as a villains metallic two pack (YES PLEASE to both!) these will be out in mid- June

SDCC will have a stealth (all black) pack of the the turtles as an exclusives.

CLICK HERE For the full tmnt gallery on FB.


They have the MOTU license now, hints at a couple of castles, so those too will have playsets and vehicles !

Desire for Battle Cat to be mountable so He-man can ride him.

Click HERE for our MOTU gallery.  

Transformers News:

Yes Gestalts are coming.

First female TF in  wave 4

New Bumblebee update in Wave 4. (vw Bug Pieces)

New Optimus prime update in Wave 4

Human characters are being considered for the future!

MMPR news:
Selling very well

Have enough plans to do another wave of MMPR, and into Wave 3

Wave 2 will feature Zords. the term “modular” was used.

Click HERE for our gallery of the Loyal Subjects MMPR

Shout out to Diana Davis of the gallery of Duke fb page, for setting this interview in motion.

(keep reading below for more pics)

The Loyal CEO Subjects contact, and social media info are as follows:

Jonathan Cathey | THE LOYAL SUBJECTS

Update 1: A shot of a Loyal Subjects Donatello on a Half Shell hero vehicle.

donaddonUpdate 2: A preview of TMNT wave 2 and some more  notes added above.The-Loyal-Subjects-Action-Vinyls-TMNT-Series-2-Leatherhead-Figure-Second-Preview-800x500_cUpdate 3: a 2nd blind box pull video can be found here:

Update 4 Gallery of Images added on FB, Links added to the article.

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