G.I.Joe movie news and new Trailer

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoIt has it been a busy day news wise for G.I.Joe and unfortunately I’ve been very busy as well.

For the latest trailer, and a the first interview I saw of the day click here to head towards Comingsoon.net.  Other interviews went up around the net as well, for them click the links below.

IGN also has a movie interview

Collider w/ Di Bonaventura

Collider w/ Chu

and Screen Rant (Which i only learned about thanks to Hisstank.com)

the important info to be gleamed out of this?

1. The movie has not been retrofitted with more Tatum.  But… we do have this quote from one of the interviews ”

But there will be some people who are sad there’s not more Channing Tatum.

DI BONAVENTURA:  Yeah, there will be, for sure.  But, there will be some people that are really happy that Bruce Willis and The Rock have plenty of time.  It’s hard when you have three guys, all of which you want to see be the lead. ”

It does sound like they recognize his potential impact more than originally. my crazy guess, they already filmed the ending where he lives, and it’s the one we will see in theaters.

2. Their is a 10 minute ninja battle with no music. There is also a homage to the silent interlude, this may or may not be the same thing.

3. the IGN interview gives away an order of sequence for the ninja battle

4. Flint’s character is similar to the early comics, we see him grow.

5. They recognize fans of the original Joe would be lost when watching the first movie!

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