Outcasts Spoiler Free Series Review

If your a fan off Sci-Fi, british, or sci-fi british shows  outcasts may be a good dose of entertainment for you. It’s currently available on Netflix streaming. I recently watched the show in it’s entirety and  you can find my mostly spoiler free review below.

outcasts_bbcOutcast focuses on a colony of human beings who have left a hostile earth behind. The fate of earth is a little vague and open, but the focus is all on their struggle to survive both the threats of this new world, as well as each other.

While Americans may picture British Sci-Fi in the vein of Doctor Who this is a very serious work, and carries a tone similar (but better than) Earth 2. Characters have shades of grey to them, and the story has dark turns.

The world of Carpathia is first introduced to us with two crisis ermeging. A transport ship is attempting to land on the planet and a  scout who explored the wilderness of the planet returns to the colony proper with an agenda.  I’m going to keep this spoiler free, but it’s safe to saw neither turns out as I expected and these two events help begin a series of events that raise questions for the ensemble cast.

We quickly are introduced to a new human villain in Julias Burger who appears as a neo pagan religious leader but clearly is sinister in swaying the populaces mind from the get go. His goal? Challenge President Tate.  Tate meanwhile leads with his assistant and usually sends his two top agents Fluer and Cass to investigate the incidents occur on Carpathia.

While each episode is somewhat contained, it does slowly lead to a reveal that something more is going on in the planet. The show takes on almost a supernatural vibe and reminded me of the Sphere or the Event Horizon in some infant form. These events are of course not supernatural, but beyond their comprehension.  Sadly after a short first season the show is cancelled, and just as you feel a sense of wonder about what these colonists are beginning to uncover it’s over.

The twists are so good though, that leaving you wanting more is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you know that going in. The fact that show is short lived but  high quality means you can burn through it quickly and get a nice experience with this world and then move on. It’s a nice break from watching longer series that can take weeks to go through.

Beyond story, it’s worth noting that most of the acting is strong. I never thought president clicked as the strategist they portrayed him as, it seemed more like that was what we were told, but we were shown a stiff man who a little lost in thought. I’m not sure if that’s the actor, but considering how well the others did I’m inclined to think so. It’s not show ruining.

The effects are also very well done. For a TV show budget it looks great and very nature filled. It’s easy to believe the main colony, which often invokes a wild west town, is isolated and alone.

I’d give the show an 8/10 and since it’s so easy to watch on Netflix give it a strong recommendation.


Nerdiversity 101 podcast pilot episode, Sci-Fi movie discussion starting with the earliest sci-fi movies!

filmreelI’ve been way behind here, but here is the first Nerdiversity podcast is up. You may remember that I’ve teamed with Jaxs Trugrave and this podcast. Names changed along the way and I didn’t make it to the first recording, but we working on some changes behind the scenes. The topic is broad as  the panelists tackle their favorite sci-fi movies. Give it a listen by CLICKING HERE and  CLICK HERE to leave feedback on the forums.

It’s full of great one-liners such as, “I bet an Ewok would taste great.”


G.I.Joe IMAX movie announcement


G.I.Joe Retaliation has been confirmed for IMAX 3D release. There is so much news as of late I am lagging behind on reporting it, especially outside of Joe.  It’s an exciting time to be a Joe fan.

Hisstank.com and Hisstank user, TheGabrielAngel have also posted  new promotional images found via Jamie Trueblood from Paramount check them out at here.

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G.I.Joe movie news and new Trailer

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoIt has it been a busy day news wise for G.I.Joe and unfortunately I’ve been very busy as well.

For the latest trailer, and a the first interview I saw of the day click here to head towards Comingsoon.net.  Other interviews went up around the net as well, for them click the links below.

IGN also has a movie interview

Collider w/ Di Bonaventura

Collider w/ Chu

and Screen Rant (Which i only learned about thanks to Hisstank.com)

the important info to be gleamed out of this?

1. The movie has not been retrofitted with more Tatum.  But… we do have this quote from one of the interviews ”

But there will be some people who are sad there’s not more Channing Tatum.

DI BONAVENTURA:  Yeah, there will be, for sure.  But, there will be some people that are really happy that Bruce Willis and The Rock have plenty of time.  It’s hard when you have three guys, all of which you want to see be the lead. ”

It does sound like they recognize his potential impact more than originally. my crazy guess, they already filmed the ending where he lives, and it’s the one we will see in theaters.

2. Their is a 10 minute ninja battle with no music. There is also a homage to the silent interlude, this may or may not be the same thing.

3. the IGN interview gives away an order of sequence for the ninja battle

4. Flint’s character is similar to the early comics, we see him grow.

5. They recognize fans of the original Joe would be lost when watching the first movie!

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Unicorn City movie review: Table Top RPGs, LARP, and Love

filmreelIndie nerd friendly movies are a trend of today. As a child, or even a teenager I would have never dreamed of the likes of the Guild, Gamers, or Unicorn City.

Unicorn City has a name that will instantly repel some male viewers (and conversely may attract others) but everyone should look past it’s name, because this movie isn’t about unicorns, but a comedic take on following  the nerd dream and finding nerd love.  A minimum spoiler review is after the trailer.

Devin Mcginn plays Voss, the movie opens in a comic shop in the midst of DnD Game and Voss’s struggle with his DM, and antagonist, Shadowhawk.   We quickly learn Voss is like many of us have been at some point in our lives, a frustrated dreamer. He has high hopes for an impossible job he has applied, and continues to reject the mundane world of his brother’s taco van.

In an attempt to get the job he, and his friends, squat on some land and make Unicorn City, a utopia for gamers. The laughs come quickly as we see them battle a constructed monster on top of a car in LARP style (Live Action Role Play) attract others like a succubus, and a centaur (whose horse half is a decorated color.)

Voss is clueless to the love of the shy Marsha. As much as Felcia Day is well liked in the nerd community, I’m actually thankful this wasn’t here. The role felt similar to what Day played on the guild, but Jaclyn Hales imo did an excellent job, and i think she could take on Day for the role of nerd queen.  Women in general are treated well here. In the past year the internet has erupted in a storm of controversy over wither are not geek girls are real etc. but  the portrayal of women here are as in genuine nerds who happen to be women too.

The movie has some memorable moments, the knife on the little miniature, the cooler centaur, especially his pee, as well as a few decent twists on the end. The story is solid with a good conclusion. The effects are good but sparse, the acting is superb and overall it felt like a bunch of real nerds having real fun, and that is so contagious you might find yourself encouraging others to watch the movie as i am now.

For those of who are interested in scores by numbers, it easily earned  5 stars on Netflix from my profile.