Outcasts Spoiler Free Series Review

If your a fan off Sci-Fi, british, or sci-fi british shows  outcasts may be a good dose of entertainment for you. It’s currently available on Netflix streaming. I recently watched the show in it’s entirety and  you can find my mostly spoiler free review below.

outcasts_bbcOutcast focuses on a colony of human beings who have left a hostile earth behind. The fate of earth is a little vague and open, but the focus is all on their struggle to survive both the threats of this new world, as well as each other.

While Americans may picture British Sci-Fi in the vein of Doctor Who this is a very serious work, and carries a tone similar (but better than) Earth 2. Characters have shades of grey to them, and the story has dark turns.

The world of Carpathia is first introduced to us with two crisis ermeging. A transport ship is attempting to land on the planet and a  scout who explored the wilderness of the planet returns to the colony proper with an agenda.  I’m going to keep this spoiler free, but it’s safe to saw neither turns out as I expected and these two events help begin a series of events that raise questions for the ensemble cast.

We quickly are introduced to a new human villain in Julias Burger who appears as a neo pagan religious leader but clearly is sinister in swaying the populaces mind from the get go. His goal? Challenge President Tate.  Tate meanwhile leads with his assistant and usually sends his two top agents Fluer and Cass to investigate the incidents occur on Carpathia.

While each episode is somewhat contained, it does slowly lead to a reveal that something more is going on in the planet. The show takes on almost a supernatural vibe and reminded me of the Sphere or the Event Horizon in some infant form. These events are of course not supernatural, but beyond their comprehension.  Sadly after a short first season the show is cancelled, and just as you feel a sense of wonder about what these colonists are beginning to uncover it’s over.

The twists are so good though, that leaving you wanting more is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you know that going in. The fact that show is short lived but  high quality means you can burn through it quickly and get a nice experience with this world and then move on. It’s a nice break from watching longer series that can take weeks to go through.

Beyond story, it’s worth noting that most of the acting is strong. I never thought president clicked as the strategist they portrayed him as, it seemed more like that was what we were told, but we were shown a stiff man who a little lost in thought. I’m not sure if that’s the actor, but considering how well the others did I’m inclined to think so. It’s not show ruining.

The effects are also very well done. For a TV show budget it looks great and very nature filled. It’s easy to believe the main colony, which often invokes a wild west town, is isolated and alone.

I’d give the show an 8/10 and since it’s so easy to watch on Netflix give it a strong recommendation.