Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin – First Impression and Warning

blueboardNI am a fan of the souls games (and for the record, I consider Bloodborne a souls game). I cannot claim to be an expert at them, but I enjoy them. Their difficulty is harsh but most of the time fair. It is a series that wears it’s challenge on it’s sleeve, but hides it’s lore and storyline nuances behind game play and item descriptions. It is a game series unlike anything else on the market, and this is why I like it.

Dark Souls 2 has to be the weakest in the series, in my opinion, although that isn’t much of a condemnation considering how good the series is as a whole. It has many enhancements over the original game as well as a number of ways your character is now weakened. Death now lessens your maximum health by a small amount each time until it reaches half. This means that death now has a punishment, and regaining your humanity it more important, making the item used to regain it in this game, human effigys, a lot more valuable.

However, we aren’t here to talk about Dark Souls 2, however much I can talk about it (and I may just write an article about how I love the series as a whole). Recently the game was re-released on current gen consoles and PC under the subtitle “scholar of the first sin”. You may be forgiven for thinking that this is merely a game of the year edition for it, but it is so much more, and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Before I go any further I wish to make clear that I have not completed the scholar of the first sin version of the game, but I am very familiar with the original, and I believe I have seen enough of the differences to make the point I wish to.  Continue reading

Firefly table top rpg announced


While Table Top gaming isn’t at it’s prime these days with the shiny graphics of modern video games, for many any way to continue the cult hit that was Firefly is great.

There is not a lot of details at the moment, but i’ll attempt to keep you up to date as i hear anything. Click here ( to head to Gaint Freaking Robot) for all the details I can currently find.

A bit ago i spotted this exciting news on Gaint Freakin Robot. I must admit I can’t remember how i ended up there, it’s highly likely it was originally linked to on a message board.

Either way, to them go the credit,

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Unicorn City movie review: Table Top RPGs, LARP, and Love

filmreelIndie nerd friendly movies are a trend of today. As a child, or even a teenager I would have never dreamed of the likes of the Guild, Gamers, or Unicorn City.

Unicorn City has a name that will instantly repel some male viewers (and conversely may attract others) but everyone should look past it’s name, because this movie isn’t about unicorns, but a comedic take on following  the nerd dream and finding nerd love.  A minimum spoiler review is after the trailer.

Devin Mcginn plays Voss, the movie opens in a comic shop in the midst of DnD Game and Voss’s struggle with his DM, and antagonist, Shadowhawk.   We quickly learn Voss is like many of us have been at some point in our lives, a frustrated dreamer. He has high hopes for an impossible job he has applied, and continues to reject the mundane world of his brother’s taco van.

In an attempt to get the job he, and his friends, squat on some land and make Unicorn City, a utopia for gamers. The laughs come quickly as we see them battle a constructed monster on top of a car in LARP style (Live Action Role Play) attract others like a succubus, and a centaur (whose horse half is a decorated color.)

Voss is clueless to the love of the shy Marsha. As much as Felcia Day is well liked in the nerd community, I’m actually thankful this wasn’t here. The role felt similar to what Day played on the guild, but Jaclyn Hales imo did an excellent job, and i think she could take on Day for the role of nerd queen.  Women in general are treated well here. In the past year the internet has erupted in a storm of controversy over wither are not geek girls are real etc. but  the portrayal of women here are as in genuine nerds who happen to be women too.

The movie has some memorable moments, the knife on the little miniature, the cooler centaur, especially his pee, as well as a few decent twists on the end. The story is solid with a good conclusion. The effects are good but sparse, the acting is superb and overall it felt like a bunch of real nerds having real fun, and that is so contagious you might find yourself encouraging others to watch the movie as i am now.

For those of who are interested in scores by numbers, it easily earned  5 stars on Netflix from my profile.