A pair of sci-fi themed “All about that Base” parodies

5by5nFirst up, “all about that space” one that I found by accident while looking for the other that I haven’t seen make the rounds too many times. After that “all about that base” which is exclusively star wars focused as opposed to the broader focus of “all about that space” which features nods to all kinds of sci-fi properties.



Firefly table top rpg announced


While Table Top gaming isn’t at it’s prime these days with the shiny graphics of modern video games, for many any way to continue the cult hit that was Firefly is great.

There is not a lot of details at the moment, but i’ll attempt to keep you up to date as i hear anything. Click here ( to head to Gaint Freaking Robot) for all the details I can currently find.

A bit ago i spotted this exciting news on Gaint Freakin Robot. I must admit I can’t remember how i ended up there, it’s highly likely it was originally linked to on a message board.

Either way, to them go the credit,

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