Toy Nation Movieverse 1.5 contest VOTING TIME!

08_CobraCommanderIt’s finally that time, to vote and choose a winner for an excellent custom contest with some great and hard to choose from entries.

This figures represent Characters as they would have appeared in the movieverse, perhaps inbetween the movies or may have appeared on screen but we didn’t get a toy of.

If your viewing this from the man page click below to see the rest of the story and pictures and find out how to vote.

In order of how they were received to me:

Cobra Trooper by Rev Darth


Cobra Trooper 1.5 2 cobra trooper 1.5 3Firefly by Rev Darth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirefly 1.5 2Firefly 1.5 3

Duke by Geared creationsduke1duke2duke3duke4

Cobra Spec Ops Trooper by Geared Creations

cobraspec1cobraspec2cobraspec3cobraspec4Sci-Fi by Xhairs


To vote for your favorite figure CLICK HERE to jump to the poll on the board. Voting will close 4/26/12.

The original posts about the rules follows: Please read, it may help influence your vote!

The Theme is Movie Verse 1.5. The idea is simple, with the upcoming retaliation movie there is a lot of hope it will do well, and reflection on what went wrong with Rise of Cobra. To enter the contest you have several options, 1. 1.5 can refer to an improvement on the designs of the original movie or the upcoming retaliation, such as repainting the Joes or Cobras to look more classic but using movie parts, 2. You can make a custom of a character appeared in the original movie but did not get a figure,( like Paris pursuit scarlet) or a character we have seen an image of in the Retaliation trailer or press releases but do not have a figure for (like spec ops or White uniform CC) 3. Finally you can make a figure of a movie character from the first movie, as they might appear in between the movies (Like using a Tatum head, but giving us an urban style Duke, or giving us a movie scarlet head, but in desert fatigues)

The rules:
1. You must be registered here on Toy Nation and have a post count minimum of 25 (which should be easy to do) to win.
2. You may enter as many customs as you like, but each person can only win one prize.(so if you place 1st and 2nd, i’d skip to number 3)
3. All customs will be shown on the forums, and will be open to vote by all members of the forums (invite your friends)
4. The point is to update or be in the movie universe, no 100 % arah updates please.
5. You may post work in progress threads, but if you do elsewhere, please also post them here!

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