New Iron Man III trailer, and what it confirms

marvellogoEarlier Today a new Iron Man III trailer hit the net.  It showed us some scenes that we have already had glimpses off, but it also showed us more and confirmed some things we already knew. The design reveals in this trailer were very impressive, check it out embedded below,with spoilerish commentary after.

So it’s been confirmed, loads of armors. I find it bizarre that the movie that best lends itself to a toyline full of different Iron Man Armors, has the crappiest marvel toys produced this side of the 90’s. 5 POAs, and a line that takes such a noble concept, as creativity, customizing, and swapping armors, and reduces it to  blocks like the 5 POAs and gives us such varied colors and designs that nothing makes sense when swapped, nothing.

All the negativity of the toyline aside, this trailer confirms we have some excellently designed Iron Men to look forward to, that there is some type of process Tony, and others appear to undergo,  and that Mandarin continues to be Bad @$$. We see a Stark that is suffering from PTSD after the first movie, and one who loves Pepper.  The president’s inclusion is a bit surprising. The seriousness of the matter will likely lead many to ask where the other Avengers are and I think it will be simpler to answer than War Machine’s Absence from the Avengers (yes I know there is going to be or already is a comic  that addresses that) Cap + Black Widow, and shield are dealing with another thread, hawkeye may be off screen, but is on assignment somewhere, dealing with a threat less cinematic, more important, Thor is in Asgaurd,and Banner is hiding.

Iron Man II disappointed many, and although I enjoyed it, i’m hoping for more here.  Is anyone else helping in a suit? Do believe some of the rumors?

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