The Clancy, and G.I.Joe connection

authorclancyThey say it comes in threes, and this week I know of three deaths in a short time. Tom Clancy, an amazing author referenced above, Sam Petrucci a long time and skilled G.I.Joe packaging artist, and a less “nerdy” figure from outside of entertainment, influential author and pastor Chuck Smith.   Prayers and thoughts for all their families.

Knowing is half the battle: introducing a G.I.Joe themed, “Did you Know” image series

benchpresscomicsSimilar to the series I introduced yesterday, only this one has a template purely for Joe. Let me know what you think! Once I have gotten the template the way i want it, i’m smelling another contest!

Update: For more info on the potential comics check out YOJOE.COM, specifically HERE.  -revsears