SDCC Transformers VS G.I.Joe set is up: Parts breakdown and commentary

autobot06_transformersAMERICANFLAG02USA Today has revealed numerous Hasbro SDCC exclusives, but the ones of most interest to me are those in TF vs. Joe set

So Here is  a quick rundown of the set (so far we know of no separate singles) with parts lists and commentary.

autobothound2013Parts list: The Classic Vamp now re deco’d as a G 1 Hound

Commentary: I’d much prefer this guy:

houndxoverThe classic Vamp is sad to say, Dated. While this probably a move to please vintage collectors, they already have plenty of Vamps to choose from. While the fan made image shows a vehicle that we have only seen in blue (at least with additional back panels)

As a character i think Hound is one of easiest no brainers to place with Joes and as a Kid i always desired that, but as an adult i prefer both my TFs and Joes to look more cutting edge.

jetfire2013Parts: Jetfire is made from the recent 30th skystriker with what appears to be a large drone in place of the tail fin. Some of speculated that drone has a second canopy, but unfortantly upon starring at it for a little too long, i’m thinking it’s a painted gloss black window, probably meant to be an unmaned drone.

Commentary: While the character makes sense this marks a departure from using the current big vehicle of the year in the set. I can see why they wouldn’t want to touch one of the other seekers, as they would be hard to complete, especially with this being announced as the last year of the crossovers.  I feel like the Jet is out of place in the set, which mostly covers ground, and they may have tried to hard to match starscream here.  I would have preferred a springer version of  the eagle hawk, but i can see their logic, jet vs jet and tank vs Jeep (and Snake-Eyes, or is that Tank vs. Snake-eyes with a jeep for back up?)

bludgeon2013Parts: Bludgeon has a new fanged skull head and helm and the rest of his parts are used in the upcoming Budo figure. That figure also shares legs and lower arms with with the Retaliation Red Ninja so that means we get a great rang of motion the legs.

Commentary: Okay i’ll get it out of the way quickly, the armor may hamper possibility, heck probably will.  But this figure is a set seller to me.  Bludgeon came out as a figure while i was still playing with TFs as a kid, and i even enjoyed the pretender concept (as a kid) but  i never had him. As an adult he became a fascination of mine, and I know i’m not the only one who wanted him in Joe scale and saw him as a potential foil to Budo. John Warden has shown he has a great imagination, so maybe he had similar ideas, or maybe he read some of us on the forums? Either way since the original bludgeon was  a tiny tank inside a molded figure similar to this, it fits in well with TFs or Joes.

baronessandravage2013Parts: Ravage and chain and Baroness Head are new, the rest of the baroness body uses the same mold as the second 25th two pack Baroness and the skirt from the resolute seven pack and apart from the head was last used as a whole on Crimson Asp (whose I swear i have review pics of and will post soon) It’s worth noting this new head is based on Rah V 1 baroness, but appears to have a microphone as well. It’s also worth pointing out it bears resemblance to a previous statue of the two characters.

Commentary: So many have cried for this over the years, i’m not sure where the idea started, but artwork, statues, and customs have come a plenty.  I’m baffled as to why this wasn’t packed separately i feel it is the most desirable piece in the set and could probably sell more as a separate lower price item.   I could do with out the waist … skirt? but cloth? what is that thing even called.  It’s another set seller, and I feel will wind up being worth a ton of money.

blaster2013Parts: SDCC2012 soundwave repaint

Commentary: It’s a logical little repaint to include , but seeing a soundwave on the shelf of stores now that uses more modern looking tech, I can’t help eel this is too dated for my taste, although for the nostalgia fan it might be perfect to place in the hands of a classic styled Joe.

seautobot2013Parts: Straight up repaint of relation SE with the chest harness from the movie 3 pack. He has an autobot symbol on his left shoulder.

Commentary: meh, well at least his colors match Valor Vs. Venom Harddrive if you want a to switch his head and harness for an expensive custom of some sort.  SE is already oversaturated not sure why they didn’t give us a shot at one of the canceled but demanded figs here. Even if some get released next year it’s likely that not all well, could have been a good spot or that Delta Trooper as an o13 member, or even  a Classic Blue Gung-Ho here so retail could go with the more serious olive drab version.

All this for only 99.99?  Actually for the most new parts in any of the Joe Vs.. TF set and the most plastic that’s a good price, so good i have to believe that when I saw it on a website it’s wrong! is it really this cheap? hope so.

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