What is the Rahtio Foundation?

A trip to celebrate achieving tenure changed a family’s life forever. Dr. Clive Bennett, his wife Kesa, and children John and Edith, took Clive’s dream vacation. Clive loved Alaska, the crisp air, the white capped mountains, and the independent attitude of its people. He was living his dreams as they approached a glacial cave in southeast Alaska, when a thunderous crack signaled life threatening danger.

The family later emerged from deep within the earth. They discovered secret knowledge about the porous earth, and gained a new skill after an encounter with the supernatural. Using riches found on the adventure, they create the Rahtio Foundation. To the public, it’s an organization that creates video documentaries with the young members of the Bennett family, and is known for the public version of their harrowing tale. There is much more to the Rahtio Foundation than meets the public’s eye.

The true purpose of the Rahtio Foundation is hidden from the world. A growing team of scholars and support staff gather and verify stories of the unusual and the supernatural, especially those potentially connected to the porous earth. They come from all over the world and in every language. They translate and archive the information. The world is not ready for the information to be public, but it must be preserved and learned from. When possible, the foundation sends a team of independent soldiers, the Hallowpoint Rangers, to protect the people of earth, from the threats emerging from within our planet. As a matter of practicality, treasures found along the way, end up funding further operations.


The Templars Survive Beneath Us : (A Knights Templar Creepypasta)