Tim Curry as the Joke in this terrifying for a kids cartoon clip (hear what could have been prior to Hamil)

Batman_USA_Flag_Logo2_POP_190_190.jpgBatman’s villain the Joker is just as iconic as the dark knight himself. While some might debate Ledger vs. Nicholson, fans of the 90’s animated series could easily point to Mark Hamil’s incarnation of the character as the voice they always hear in their head. The laugh he pulls off will forever be the joker in my mind for sure.

Recently i discovered that Mark Hamil wasn’t the original pic for the role, it was originally set to go to Tim Curry, but his take was deemed too scary for a kids cartoon. Below is a rare youtube clip that i have to agree is somewhat scary even as an adult!

Think now that Hamil has retired from the role we should get this back? Agree that he is too scary? let us know by jumping to the forum by clicking HERE.