Nerdversity101 episode 27: an interview with/Buzz Dixon :the Most Dangerous Man in the World G.I.Joe novel

Hector_RamirezJoin us (Aaron “solojones, Alex “Jaxs”, Sam or rev, and the Cornish Gamer) as we interview Buzz Dixon, possibly most famous for his roles as staff writer and story editor for Sunbow’s G.I.Joe cartoon. He has a bigger impact than that, and we talk about everything from Thundarr the Barbarian to his thoughts on fanfiction in general, but the key focus is his upcoming The Most Dangerous Man in the world which will is a “lost tale” of sorts. It will tell a story meant for the animated show prior to the inclusion of Serpentor and Cobra-La

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Stay tuned to to see it’s release.

In the mean time check out for short “fictoids” ,announcements and more from Mr. Dixon.

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