We are now Ad-Free and sporting a new background


Good News Everyone ! (Who read that as Prof. Farnsworth? Be honest now!)  Currently as far forward as possible Nerdrahtio.com is Ad-Free. You may have never noticed the ads here, I didn’t as I use adblocker, but maybe you did. No more.  Our youtube videos will still feature some ads (depending on the video) but those are expected, and usually skip-able (and if it ever earns money it goes to us, not WordPress.) I was recently driven to do this as another website I occasionally check on mobile became unaccessable because of the Ads via mobile. No more distractions here, no more click barriers etc. if you even saw them.

It wasn’t free to us, and if you enjoy the site, podcast, or youtube and want to help cover some of that cost, you can use the OTHER drop down menu above to pitch in a bit on paypal, if not no worries, just enjoy. You may also be interested in on of our t-shirts, again using the tab above. It’s not about making money, but it would be nice to be more even, either way we just enjoy sharing nerdy things!

You may also notice the new background, I hope you enjoy! A similar pattern will soon be used for cards we can give out at conventions etc.

We want to hear from YOU! your thoughts?

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