For Business Minded Individuals

Some individuals want to know about the toys, others the story, hopefully both, but not everyone wants to dig into the business aspects of producing a toyline. If you are one of those rare people, here is a little extra information for you.

Below I hope to answer some basic questions, I might ask if I was hearing about the line for the first time.


Lines are produced by people. If you want to know that we have what it takes to succeed, you should know me.

I, Sam Sears, have never produced a toyline, but I’ve been in the fan community, and around lots of actual creators for a long time. This includes running and growing official FB groups for a toy company, being a part of promotion and revealing new items, and although it did not happen, I have designed colorways that were meant to be store exclusives, on behalf of a European retailer. I’ve picked up lessons along the way and will lean on experts in this proccess.

My non-toy professional background includes useful skills and experience for this venture. I have worked primarily in the non-profit world, but also as a Juvenile Justice Office and quality control clerk for government documents. I have supervised and trained staff and contractors, designed logos and websites, edited audio and video, collaborated with others via teleconference, planed and hosted a large conference with nationally known speakers and possibly most importantly, listened. Listening is a vital of part my job, and a key component in building a toyline that people want and mainting a healthy relationship with customers and investors.

Academically, I have an M.A. in Apologetics, which includes, logic, philosophy, and training in various religions. and I am currently working on my Doctorate with the focus on “Engaging mind and culture.” My position as a minister with training in multiple worldviews, allows my to respectfully create a line of creatures and monsters’ that are fun for kids and collectors, but stay true to the peoples that originated the myths or beliefs those stories come from.

The 2d Sculptor: Esteban Cifuentes has become friend and you can see examples of his awesome work Here. Esteban loves toys, but more importantly, he knows how to make ’em! His sculpts wonderfully via zbrush and captures a “reasonably chibi” style without veering too far into the real, or the cartoony. He has successfully sold his own digital sculpts to build a name for himself in the community, and launch his own figure line and it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Others have contributed as well, both to the art, like Sam Panico, and to the story, like getting some great ideas from Joseph Jones, amazing editing from Robbie Rouch and Khari McElrath, and original stories from Zach McElrath.


The response to Covid-19 revealed to many, that China has a large hand in manufacturing items for the U.S., around the world and even impacting our “western” culture as they interact with entertainment properties. The lockdowns used in attempt to control the spread of Covid-19 greatly impacted

I’m in talks with IPimaginarte a Colombian factory who currently produces models and figurines for companies like Sega and Warner Bros. I’ve seen their product and am impressed with the quality. They want to expand into action figures. Their first fully articulated line will be F.I.S.T. by Donman Art.


The factory will create steel molds to pure in two types of plastic, depending on the need for flexibility and to promote the most effective and long lasting joint quality. I can have regular video check ins for update and will get a sample to the quality before manufacturing the order. I have already received information about minimum order quantity, and mold storage. Shipping from Columbia is quicker and cheaper than from China, they will ship to L.A. and then to a rented facility here, where I will hire local help for distribution.

Why now?

I realize that with the current economic downturn, people may ask, why now? While I see additional challenges because of the current economy, I also see cultural potential. There is a growing dissatisfaction with the few big powerful corporations that control much of entertainment, and growing concern about how dependent U.S. manufacturing is on China. In terms of product, this allows people to put their money where their mouth is.

In terms of fiction, I think the world could use more stories that dwell with classic good vs. evil themes, themes of family, and adventure, and are written for a broad audience. Many stories today exist in and for, segments of a deeply divided culture. I hope to provide and alterative that demonstrates, nuance, respectful disagreement, characters that inspire, and secondarily calls folks to think and ask questions, more than tells them what they should think. I follow Tolkien’s style, although I certainly can’t match his quality. Everybody can enjoy Tolkien. LOTR is aimed higher than the Hobbit, but none of his work is overly sexual, and despite containing battles and moments that are tense and scary, it doesn’t glorify gore or the bad guy. A surface level reading is wonderful fun, but if you know more about who Tolkien is, you can also dig in and find his thought on the world and philosophy present with additional treasures to the reader. Frankly, I want stories that I can talk with my kids about. Some will be conversations we have later in life, some know. I can’t enjoy game of thrones with them, or modern Star Trek with them, which pains me, because I enjoyed classic star Trek as a kid and could talk to my Dad about it. One of the things I LOVE about my hobby, is that I can connect with people from all different walks of life and belief, and I want that continue with Rahtio’s line.

Long Term Goals

I’m a dreamer, but I don’t like those dreams to simply stay in my head. I work towards them in steps and I’m persistent. The kickstarter is just phase 1. What will come next? I’d like to expand the Reasonably Chibi line with different characters. They will continue in the good vs. evil / Man vs. monster pair. These include ideas like a Vietnam era soldiers vs. a rock ape, an old school diver vs. a deep sea Lovecraftian monster as well as expanding on parts and varieties for the existing skeleton and knight and more. But I have plans beyond the Chibi style.

Using the same universe of stories, I’d like to diversify and create a line of more realistic 6″ action figures, and more. Chibi lines do really well with licensing, so I’d like to grow into that, seeking licensed prosperities that would fit well with existing articulation schemes for continued pop and swap compatibility. The original is my primary focus, but licensing would allow me to improve on that product and introduce new people to it.

I envision growth that would necessitate a standing physical HQ that could double as a hobby retail store. I already have a full time job, so that would involve hiring others and may not even be located at the same place as I am.

In terms of fiction, I desire to collect short stories and audio recordings into self published books, and audio books. I also hope to have more writers submit stories in the future to flesh out a whole fictional universe.