For Parents:

If you are a parent who is also a collector, you probably know a lot about the hobby, and if you’ve backed a kickstarter, or purchased from an indie toyline, you likely know even more. But for those of who don’t, and hear me talking about children’s involvement, some questions might come up. Let me try to answer some of them below.

Is this a kids toyline?

Unfortunately, we can not do safety testing to the level necessary to call this a kids line, or put younger recommended age on this line. However we are making these with that future goal in mind.

Right now, It’s really geared to being on a collector’s shelf, but I hope if a collector lets kids view their collection, kids are drawn to these first!

I do let my kids, play with toys aimed at the adult collector, I cannot legally recommend you do the same.

What age range is the fiction intended for?

While my recommendation might vary by story, I write most them to intentionally that both my 10 year old and myself can read them. I try to cover harsh situations without harsh languages, and believably real characters, but not dwell on the issues that should remain private to them.

Why should a parent support the line?

As a parent, I know lots of my fellow parents are dissatisfied with many current trends by the big power houses in entertainment. This is your opportunity to empower a different voice. It could be supporting the toyline, or just recommending the stories to your teens.