Skeleton Re Deco Potential

The most expensive part of any toyline is the steel molds use to produce the figures. Because of this, toy companies normally want to use that mold a lot over the course of several decos so they can space out that cost, otherwise, a single unique molded figure would need to cost much more.

I’ve always loved repaints and redecos. Between the time this site was used for podcasting and blogging, and now, I did several digital recolors of G.I.Joe and Valaverse products. At some point I wondered, why can’t I be doing this on my own product?

Even before Sam Panico’s art was ready, I tried my hand an obvious homage, I call him “Mr. Hydrated”

Customizing and parts swapping has always been a favorite part of my childhood play and collecting. These days It’s Marauder Task Force who is top dawg in that department, but Kids enjoyed it too with some of their own more kids focused lines, so creating the potential or seed, for a Reasonably Chibi fan to recreate their own interpretation of his/her favorite characters was an exciting an idea. If I hand them a green skeleton and a red one, they can go to town.

Behind homages though, I quickly took to Sam’s art for more. Here is the original:

and I quickly thought of interesting scenarios and decos for reuse.

Not all skeletons needed to be plain white or yellowed. But some of them could be skeletal versions of something. The following is of course , not some sort of political statement.

First envisioned with a helmet and a gun this was supposed to be an evil take an soldier. Accessories are coming, but I also wanted to focus the skeleton itself as a canvas.

There of course, were more homages

And let me be clear, I absolutely am not producing the above skeleton as is. A blue one, a purple one, and a yellow one? sure. You go nuts with them. I just wanted to show the awesome potential of parts swapping.

Right from the get go I wanted the ability to remove the shoulder blades and to do more with them. So parts swapping normal bones wasn’t enough. I wanted to be add more. Meet “The Arms Dealer”

Even with flat eyes I could tampo on eye dots for a variety. I dreamed of Spider-themed skeletons, wing attachments, new skulls to allow antae, horns, beards and more.

After these I was satisfied that I could do more with a skeleton than a basic set of colors.

When the 3d designs were ready, we moved onto a protopye.