The Knights Templars Journey

I always envisioned a good guy, but my kids were more interested, in the bad guys! I definitely saw more potential for army building with the bad guys, but still, this line was about basic good vs. evil so the best opponent to an undead skeleton that came to mind, was a Knight Templar.

Sam Panico gave me a quick sketch for reference

and Donman art got back to work!

Here is an unfinished shot. The helmet is removable. Currently a change to the hilt of the blade as well as a prominent cross is being added to the helmet.

The parts can be popped and swapped in multiple places, most importantly, the neck and the arms. In the first wave it will be easy to mix and match skeleton parts with Templars to make fallen evil soldiers for the remaining Templars to fight, but as the line expands more combinations will be possible.