A New Star Wars Spinoff

Ign has revealed, then updated information about a new Star Wars movie, and not episode VII

starwarslogoEarly reports stated that Zack Synder (300, Watchman) would be directing a spin off film set in the Star wars universe, but now it is being denied. When the summary involved Jedi and sith based interpretation of old Samurai’s, set after  Episode VI, I couldn’t help be wonder how? There are no Jedi and Sith left. of course this could be well after the events of the original trilogy and mirror the books in which Luke has rebuilt the Jedi, time will tell if the rumors are true, and how the details fit with the movie canon. . But it would seem Disney has the power and the will to push Star Wars into the future with new content and continue it’s role as a power house franchise. time will tell if new installments will please more fans than the prequels.

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