5 Hopes and 5 more realistic predictations regarding tommorrow’s Next Xbox announcement.

5by5nThis article has been half way done for a long time, but seeing as how the news comes out tomorrow/today, and my 5 month old just went to sleep, I thought I’d Just through it up for discussions sake.

First, let’s start of with Hopes

1. NO DRM.

I’ve been to your future. When I loved in Alaska Bandwidth was limited, and it went quick, and guess what that’s a growing trend among Cable providers. Not to mention the constant cluster of early sim city and Diablo III playing time, or power outages, or cable outages etc. Internet providers continue to move towards a model where they at least cap a certain bandwidth and then lower speed, and the reason they are doing this? Constant streaming data they can’t handle! A new Xbox that was always online would only further aggravate their problem and push them to move to a bandwidth cap, which would then destroy future sales of the XBOX.

2. Reverse compatibility.

Rumor is the next xbox doesn’t have, but look what the 360 did, slowly add titles overtime, at the very least i think this an option, I should be able to move my old 360 to a new room, and give a new console a place in my living room, and be able to play ALL the Halo games on it.

3. Acheivement points carry over

What fun would it be if we had to start over? Why not allow an account to occupy one 360 and one new console?

4. Kinnect 2.0 is entirely optional


5. More control over my dashboard

If I pay for a background, why is half of it whited out? Give us more control, at least for Gold subscribers!

Realistic expectations.

i thought about doing fears, but I realized most of my hopes are really addressing rumors or fears that already out their in the public.

1. A much more accurate Kinnect

Kinnect in itself is not a terrible idea as an option, but the current version started out much like the Wii’s waggle, to imprecise to be anything more than a gimmick, but with work, it could be a nice distraction. I think Microsoft knows this and will be showing they have been working on it.

2. Halo 5

it’s a given!

3. DRM optional/ shipped turned off for now

I think the public outcry has likely swayed Microsoft’s mind. Some rumors are it can be turned on by individual game publishers, that would be a great way to make the publishers potentially have what they want to prevent used games, but make THEM the bad guy instead of Microsoft.

4. DVR

I think it’s highly possible that the next xbox could also be used as a DVR so you can watch shows whenever you want. While a neat concept, it seems a little late as many cable providers are cheaply providing these now, but it is rumored and it adds a nice check on the box.

5. No Ring at the startup, thus no red ring of death.

Similar to the newer models, I suspect Microsoft is going to pre cover it’s butt!

Your thoughts on my predictions, or after tomorrow, of the actual announcements? Let us know in the comments below!