part 2 harassment pre agreement

I unfortunately didn’t capture all the harassment that took place prior to the agreement.  Some of it can be seen still posted on either of the nerdversity facebook pages (yeah they have two now)

The big one that I got was this lovely text:

screen actors guild out to get meWas his true?  OF COURSE NOT

no Mr. Bell isn't out to get meIt was this kinda of thing that got the two of them banned in places and turned folks against them. It was very revealing.

I haven’t taken the time to record voice mails, and I no longer have access to the nerdversity fb I started which received messages and posts from them. I received a barrage of texts, calls, and e-mails.

The most troubling of which was e-mails from Aaron which did include demands for the site (despite saying he wasn’t demanding it elsewhere)

The following is a part of a pdf that was included by Aaron in a personal e-mail. The letter was UNSIGNED but supposedly represents a lawyer.  I told him to send me something by certified letter.

You can see a ton wrong in this, but here it is anyways.

attempt to take websiteHe clearly wants the website or it taken down.

I have never solely claimed to own everything, including podcasts, but have always stated I was a partner.

You can not he know claims he owns the logos he admitted where mine.

There are claims here of slander, yet no evidence, because none happened.

Aaron then continued to threaten to sue.

I then tried to make a deal, because It wasn’t worth it. I wanted to move on.

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