part 5 just the logos

Just looking at the issues of the Logos on this page. They clearly admit they are mine.

aarondisolvespartnershipadmitsimagesaremineandwillstopusingthemAlex acknowledges these are my logoswonum smallversionofaaronadmitsitismyartAaron now claims these images are his via e-mail and has given me what seems like fairly reliable evidence that he has copyrighted them.

Here is part of one of the e-mails that says he is copyrighting them.

aaronintendstocopyrightheimageswhichheadmitsaremineat no point did I consent to give him sole use of them.  He has not been able to provide any documentation to sustain that claim.

He also has failed to demonstrate why Alex’s agreement didn’t count, he would have to say Alex was lying or misrepresenting him.  If my partnership was with Alex, prior to Aaron showing up (remember the first set of images) why would he have control over our partnership or the whole thing?

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