G.I.Joe convention 2013 brochure online now!

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logo Lots of information here. View the club’s site for full details, but the key information is

“G.I. JOE: Night Force is a covert unit specializing in nighttime surveillance and defensive operations. Each team member has been selected for their enhanced skills, sophisticated hardware and advanced technology to surprise and vanquish any enemy!

This fan favorite and highly requested team contains several of the classic Night Force members and some new additions available for the first time in the modern era 25A style.

Our special edition Nocturnal Fire squad includes: Charbroil, Hit & Run, Muskrat, Psyche-Out, Repeater and Spearhead with Max (NEW Bobcat).

The Cobra Demolitions Team is ready to take on any obstacle that gets in their path of destruction. Led by the mysterious Cobra Mortal, he employs Cobra Letal and the deadly saboteur Crimson Asp (NEW female character). Their specialized troopers include: Cobra Frag-Vipers x 3, Cobra S.A.W.-Vipers x 3.”

Letal is a foreign take on the Frag viper, hit and run is not originally in the Night force, and Asp was previously the name of a vehicle. Cobra Mortal is a more well known foreign figure, and night force is probably the most liked sub team.

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