G.I.Joe convention exclusive figure images released + thoughts

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoThe club has released preview images of 3 of the figures, Cobra Mortal, Frag Vipers and Letal (Frag Viper Leader)

I have to say I am instantly disappointed. Cobra mortals legs are the spindly 25th CC legs, and the frag and Letal viper bodies belong to the new “ultimate” se from Retaliation that has yet to see released. I really feel that those knees especially look awkward and the overall feel of that mold is more superhero than Joe. Letal’s colors, unless he actually glows in the dark, are far too bright and extreme for my taste. Looking on the positive side though,  the frag viper’s headsculpt is very nicely down and the gear is great too. Last year the con seemed to  to start with a bang and show their best figures first, but judging from the known list of figures the set will include, i don’t think that’s the case this year.

I’d love to your thoughts on the forums,