Superman: Man Of Steel Will Decide The Fate Of The Justice League Movie!


June 14th cannot seem to get here fast enough for many people, including myself, as it pertains to Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder’s revamp of the Superman franchise. So much is riding on this project with how DC Comics will be brought to life on the Big Screen! The most recent attempt to generate a fan base resulted in an Epic Fail known to many as Green Lantern! For a movie that cost $200 million to make, the $220 million it actually brought in was a severe blow to the movie studio. This is why Superman: Man of Steel must succeed above all expectations to pave the road for future movie projects like The Justice League, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and so on. But, I have hope and that hope rides in Henry Cavill!


Take a good look at the above picture! This guy, for the first time in the history of Superman media, has fully embraced the role! We finally have an actor with not only the physical build but the height and determination to portray The Big Blue Boy Scout! Cavill went into this head first and crushed a workout routine that was complimented by a 5000 calorie diet per day to put the muscle mass on to give true life to this iconic character. No one else has ever shown this type of determination before now! For that, it has awoken that inner child of mine and has me on edge in anticipation!


Yet, so much rides on the success of this movie, it is quite nerve wracking  to say the least! Warner Brothers has shown true determination and preparation when it comes to gearing up for the Justice League movie. Then again, they have made it known, that if this movie does not do well then we will not see the greatest super hero team up come to life anytime soon! Their statement made me laugh since every pic, trailer and reviews from industry gurus has been nothing but amazing thus far! Take this following statement from Mark Millar (propietor of Millarworld and best known for Superman: Red Son):

“It’s hard to put a finger on it, but sometimes it just feels right. Curt Swan and Alex Ross have captured Superman better than any other artist. Cary Bates, Elliot Maggin, Mark Waid, Gerry Conway and Alan Moore have nailed it more than any other writer. There have been some brilliant creators on Superman over the years telling wonderful stories, but my radar is attuned and I can spot an impersonation. Jose Luis Garcia Lopez draws a guy I believe is Superman just like Alex Ross can. But others can’t regardless of how brilliant they may be. It’s just an X-factor or an understanding of the character. 

Anyway, it’s the same with casting. So many people been pored over all the years and so many of them close, but wrong. Brandon Routh is actually brilliant and you only have to see Scott Pilgrim to see how impeccable his timing is. But he looked more like Christopher Reeve than Superman. Dean Cain, Tom Welling and all the others were completely wrong for the part and the big names mooted were never right either. But I completely buy Cavill in this role. That instinctive gut feeling that I’m looking at a pic of Superman. 

I don’t even mind the costume. Losing the trunks was pointless, throws the balance of the design off and looks truly, truly HORRIBLE in the comics. But the muted colours work really well, those dark blues and reds really making the pics look very rich and regal. I love how this is looking. Cavill was a great choice, but then Snyder has a great eye. Cracking team behind this so I have high hopes.”

BOOM! That right there is gold my friends! This is only one of a plethora of comments that have been tossed out there for us to drool over!


Everything about this movie so far has been given nothing but extremely positive praise! Oops, my bad! I forgot about the morons over at! They deemed Superman: Man Of Steel one of the “Biggest Movie Disappointments of 2012” based off of a 3000+ vote because his new suit did not include the “Red Underoos”! Needless to say, I have stopped visiting that site since they show the intelligence of a single cell organism from the primordial soup of life! Yes, I am harsh, but I do loathe ignorance. Opinions, good or bad, are fine. That poll though was down right stupid!


All I know is that Superman: Man Of Steel MUST and WILL succeed! There is so much I could go into about the plot, villians, possible cameos and so on because of my excitement level! That though, is another article completely in itself! So, for everyone who is a DC Comics and Movie fan, keep your fingers crossed because come June 14th, The Justice League Movie’s fate will be decided! Thanks for reading and your continued support of The Toy Nation! Have a great week! 🙂

Here is the YouTube link for the #2 Trailer if you have yet to see it! AMAZING!

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