Aliens Snap Kit figure review

oct1of2013 013

The Aliens snap Kit figures are around a decade old and where hard to get when they were first imported to the U.S. They had long been on my want list, and during the last Coil Con I ventured into the wonderful Kokomo Toys and found this guy sitting on the shelf.

Follow the pics of me putting this guy together as I review him  after the jump. oct1of2013 002These originally came in blind bags but this one  was already loose and I could see the  unassembled xenomorph inside.

oct1of2013 003They were hard to obtain as the company that made them didn’t have the right to `produce Aliens action figures in the U.S. These were popular though, due to their high detail and  1:18 (G.I.Joe equivalent) scale.  As you can see these case alone makes a nice little dio piece. Even though it’s the shell for the figure, it is highly detailed and sculpted with great detail to recreate the eggs from the movie. sadly no included facehugger like the kind that came with 90’s Kenners Aliens figures.

oct1of2013 005With an easy twist and a pop it opens. I took my parts out of their plastic bag and shoved them back in for this storage shot.

oct1of2013 006The Xenomorph comes with a detailed base to replicate that atmospherics grated ship floor.  it works well enough to add stability to the figure, but due to it’s small size doesn’t add that much display value.

oct1of2013 010The greens, browns, and silver tones make this one of the most detailed figures in my collection, especially for it’s size. Considering how old these are now, it’s amazing how it still looks top of the line and well above the usual 4 ” figure at retail.

oct1of2013 011The parts snap on to the ball joints, unfortunately some ball joints hold them well, and others remain loose.

oct1of2013 012The wrists, Knees, and elbows move so little they really shouldn’t be called joints.

oct1of2013 013Unfortunately me one of the knee joints broke almost instantly.  That stinks, but even when looking at this shot after the fact, I’m impressed by the details on his feet, look at those talons !

oct1of2013 009Here is a closer look at the offending joint.

instructionsPictures guided the process, but it’s a very simple snap procedure, you really won’t need much help.

oct1of2013 013So there he(it?) is. With a major flaw (the break) and some articulation that doesn’t work, but still yet the level of detail on the figure, as well as being in my favorite scale make him worth it.  I have no idea how common the breaking problem is, and it clearly isn’t a toy you want your kid roughhousing, but for a display piece it’s great.  I currently have this little xenomorph perched lurking behind a 1:18 scale Batman.

I’ve heard other suggestions, such as revoltech, and sticking to bigger scales and I’ll admit there is a huge personal factor of having seen this and wanted it so long ago that lifts it up in my eyes. But i’d give it an 8/10. had the joints moved better it would have easily been a 10/10


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