Joe Con 2012 Exclusive Voltar Review.

Fear the cyclops!

Voltar came in the 2012 convention set, “Operation Bear Trap” I purchased the re issue of this set while at the 2013 con, and had to check out this popular figure a bit closer. I never had this character as a child, and had no major attachment to him.  In my mind that helps this review to stand more on the figure’s merits and not nostalgia alone.

voltar1Voltar  consists of a new head and helmet, and lower legs from POC Beachhead placed on Rise of Cobra Accelerator suit body.  An Iron Grenadier belt and sword are fitting and help him blend in with his fellow Grenadiers.

As you can see from this angle, the helmet doesn’t fit perfectly snug on the head.

voltar2Many collector’s hated the Accelerator suits, many hated bright colors, and yet this purple and gold delight is easily the most sought after IG from the set, and up there even when when factoring in the Okotber Gaurd.

The New head and helm work well with a surprisingly wise parts choice. Beachheads strange leg device and it’s cord that plugs into it’s boot still bring a bit of confusion (is he holding his leg hostage with a bomb?) but the bright colors brought out details most collectors missed the first time around.

voltar3The Sci-Fi/ futuristic tech looks more appropriate on a solider who is geared by and serves the owner of M.A.R.S.

In this angle you can that his helmet looks a bit tall.

You can also spot the only difference I’m aware if in the 2nd run of these figures. First run figures have a red screen for the device on his leg.

voltar4Tthe head sculpt is great even without the helmet. The way his beard comes to a point is very unique and matches the original figure. It’s been pointed out by many that if this guy had red hair he would make a great Dr. Quest.

Even though there are some slight changes, the club has managed to make it clear this is Voltar at a glance and stay very true to his original design. You may not like that kind of thing considering the large amount of purple. You might write it off as being a prototype or more ceremonial, to each his own.

voltar5His Gold accessories are distracting, but it could be worse…

Full Disclosure, I’m not really a Voltar fan. He meant nothing to me as a kid, as an adult I don’t dislike him automatically, but from this figure, and the filecard and what i’ve read just doesn’t draw me in. His name brings Voltaire to mind, whom I’m not a fan of, old philosophers aside, it sounds strange. Too Strange to be his real name, which this figures file-card reveals is unknown, but so random that I’m not sure how he could have  received this moniker.

His history as a mercenary prior to working for Destro sounds impressive. I can’t deny that Destro needs a general given that his armies have been shown to rival Cobra’s at times.

IMG_3743I prefer more realistic colors, I can handle teal and orange on some occasions, maybe even yellow, but purple and gold are a bit much for me. I do think the color change though highlights some mold choices that were better than given credit the first time around.  If I could give the character, new head and just the parts a score it would be 8 out of 10 but the colors pull it down.

final score:





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