What’s the difference between Ameritrash and Euro Style Hobby Boardgaming?

5by5nFor many of you new to board gaming, or those of you who are not board gamers but are interested in getting into hobby board gaming, navigating through all the different games and game styles out there can be challenging to say the least.  And to veteran board gamers like me, we often get tired of when trying to explain what we do to non – gamers getting asked “Is it like Risk?, or Is it like Settlers of Catan?”  No, not really…  Well kinda….  But there’s so much more to it.  We also get tired of having our hobby associated with mass market games such as Mouse Trap and Candy Land.  These are just cheap poor quality games in general and in no way reflect what we actually do.  Anyways,  I found this article and I think it really explains it in a very clear concise way.  I hope this is helpful and clears up better exactly what hobby board gaming is for you guys.


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