Examining the NEWLY REVEALED Loyal Subjects toys (G.I.Joe, TMNT, MOTU, How to train your dragon)

blueboardNPART 1: The Loyal Subjects has become one of my favorite companies and that’s probably obvious by now! The latest batch of new images has me excited. The black Friday sale means an amazing Pre-Sale price, 40% off of these items that were just revealed, and most of them are must buy’s for me! Some of them I know I will have to get more than one of! Where do I start?  Brand by Brand, Pic by Pic, I wanted to provide some commentary on each image!

Glow in the Dark He-Man makes the silver become Glow in the Dark. The Power Sword will look great pointing towards the sky glowing in a dark room. It also features mini comic inspired Axe and Shield combo. This means you get to have your He-man how you want him ! Mine will probably go Sword and Board style, like a rpg tank.

Those eyes look like creepy as heck. I’m looking forward to seeing how well these translate into the paint masks used on the factory produced figures.  They really remind me of something from Zelda, like those pesky statues with an eye that shoot lasers at poor Link.

Joe Allard let us know that the plan is to go with Orange glow in the dark for this one. His design his awesome and I think a new GID color is a perfect way to spice this fig up! (although the green face would look good in traditional GID too.)

My fav out of the Masters of the Universe online exclusives (note: all single carded) would be:

Since I knew TLS had a MOTU license I wanted this exactly! That glow in the Dark skull and his staff will be amazing to photograph and look wonderful on display at night.

Overall thoughts: These are singles, we don’t know the pack out, might be a good idea to grab an extra if you are into repainting, or to give it a try. At the price it’s also a good way to guarantee that you can the character you wanted if you want to cherry pick (as the regular is blind boxed)

Next up How to Train Your Dragon !

This two pack is cute! I think this is great way to to get kids into the line. SFX and LED on toothless should be great.

now for TMNT:

A Glow in the Dark Shot gun! We are not sure what the pack out for TMNT 2. One of these, or the other two pack might contain a mold that will be a hard to find to chase. (I think that’s a safe bet)  These two look like they were made for Glow in the Dark.

To see the difference between these and the other released images Check HERE:

I’ll confess it, Bebop looks a bit odd in the pale shade of Green, but Rocksteady looks great. They took the time to switch up the colors from the regular releases too. It’s an easy buy for me. Heck maybe 2 just to make sure I get these guys if they are a chase. I can and do love to repaint, and I can see a heck of a cool Rock N Roll custom out of Rocksteady with a new head.

Missed out on the Hastings exclusive?Want New headsculpts, a grappling hook, and a skateboard that Glow in the Dark ? Prefer your turtles with the more cartoon like Belts ? Easy grab for most people, especially if you didn’t get the first pack.

Next up, my favorite, G.I.Joe !

They went there!  PYTHON PATROL. Showing their love for Joe we see a classically used repaint. It works well for Copperhead especially, as the camo gives off a nice tropical river vibe.  You can see the figs these were based off at Yojoe.com: Crimson Gaurd here, and Copperhead here. (Click an ad or too while you there. Yojoe people are good people.)

This time around a glow in the dark SE That has the accurate head for a radioactive look from the toon. (In the miniseries where he found TIMBER!) Yes the show had an orange bit to him, but those looks far better, and as an iconic member of the team, this will be awesome to display.

Arctic Firefly. Based on: the 98 TRU polar Force three pack this thing is killer.  This may be the easiest figure to customize if you are into that kind of thing. That body could be repainted into so many Joes, and even ghostbusters!  But even you don’t like to repaint your figs, this is still a stellar arctic version to track down a radioactive Snake-Eyes! I really hope there isn’t a cap on pre-orders ! we don’t know yet!

The Star of the whole sale! In the Joe line the black version is going to be a chase and hard to get (that’s part of the fun, the chase.) But as I had been telling some folks who were upset about this, everyone is going to get there shot at this character.

She is based on the v2 figure, is actually similar to several other Baroness figures, and more importantly closer to her original comic look of blue! I Know if at all possible I’ll be buying multiple to customize, although I’m not planning on painting one red just yet, going to tackle a Crimson Asp (a one-eyed Red head saboteur which shares the baroness mold in the modern line, and really brings to mind a certain chaste vixen from the Venture Bros.)

At the time of writing the sale is an HOUR aware! It may be going on when you see this, GOOO: HERE NOW!

To see a list of all the galleries we have, and check out the 2 related podcast interviews click HERE:


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