Scooby Doo Cereal review

scoobydoocerealremember those days in our childhood when we begged our parents to get us cereal because it was branded with our favorite cartoon or video game? Remember how awful those cereals really where once we got them home?  Well those days are back.  “Vanilla” flavored Scooby Doo cereal is the most bland cereal I’ve ever ate, and that says something from i guy who prefers words likes “flakes” and real fruit in his cereal. It’s a very simple corn puff type cereal, like kix, but feels devoid of any sugar at all. If you want healthier, I’d suggest sticking to something with more taste and fruit. My kid isn’t at cereal eating age just yet, but i can’t expect kids will like this,  now my dog? I can for see her having a full bowels of this bland stuff later.