I drank pure cane sugar and lived. See the horror!

blueboardNIf sugar makes everything better… what about just skipping to the sugar? Of course we knew better, yet me and my brother wanted to brave it just for the experiment.  We first tackle some energy drinks, all but one foreign, and then top it off with cane sugar juice in a can. If you enjoy it we would appreciate a jump over to our channel and a like and subscribe.


Hey, this Swedish Banana Candy is actually Dutch? (We try it anyways)

blueboardNAt Joe Con 2015, I had brought Tom, The Silent Assassin, some ale 8 one that I had purchased from Jungle Jims, and some Banana Candy, that i thought was Swedish, for myself as a snack. It didn’t take long for me offer “Swedish Banana Candy” to someone and for it to sound worse than I meant it, jokes ensued. Here is me (Sam) and Brad giving it, and some pineapple single packed gummies a try.


Two Americans try British candy.

blueboardNBrad and myself (Sam) try some candy from the UK in our latest youtube video. See it below, and we would appreciate a like and subscribe if you enjoy it. You really should make it a priority to try those Milky Ways, they are far superior to the ones in the U.S.

Btw, we have a better mic for this setup now!


Sam and Brad eat weird Japanese candy

blueboardNMy brother Brad joins me (Sam) to eat weird Japanese candy we purchased from Jungle Jims, a nearby magical place with food from all over the world, and plenty of exotic things to try that fall more in the Bizarre category than any ethnic one.  First of several, so stay tuned for me. If you enjoy be sure to click over to youtube and give us a subscribe.

Our friend Dakana in the UK gives food reviewing a try, specifically an item intended to be “American” in nature form Mcdonalds

blueboardNOne of my old podcasting buddies (and hopefully he will be on with us on Nerdrahtio as well soon) gave a McDonalds American themed burger a try in the UK. This particular flavor was really more of an American attempt at Mexican, but it’s true we do that kinda thing in the U.S. (true story Taco Bell tried to break into Mexico by claiming to be American food!)

Check it out below: and give him  like!


Boo Berry Cereal, a non nostaligic review

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d do review of a popular cereal that has made it’s way back onto the shelves, and one that I never had as a kid. I was always a fruity pebbles guy and these days I tend to end the boring healthy cereal if i do partake in a milk soaked breakfast.  (Review Below)


You can’t tell from looking at this pic, but cereal box sizes have shrunk. It’s smaller than the Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats that it joined above my fridge.  Also look at his mouth… On the right it looks like he has some sort of inward facing boil at the corner of his lip? The contents within are what’s important though.

The cereal itself is a purplish color and is only sparsely sprinkled with marshmallows, which may disappoint the kids who might want an amount on par with Lucky Charms, but it didn’t bother me. The cereal shapes stay crunchy for a good while so you don’t get the instant soggy that some cereals give you. It was good to the last bite. The taste of course is what matters most, and it was solid. It has a blue berry like taste, but it’s sweeter than a real blue berry (of course.) It wasn’t overpowering, so sugar fiends might be underwhelmed but it had loads more flavor than the last cereal I reviewed (the criminally awful Scooby Doo cereal. )

As a fan of blue berry and other fruity cereals I can easily see why there is a nostalgic love for it, I’d prefer it over Count Chocula any day, but it isn’t quite as good as my classic kid’s fav (Fruity Pebbles all the way!)   I’d give it a 8/10


Taco Bell Smothered burrito review

I recently stopped at a different than my usual Taco Bell. I was pleased to discover that they still had the elusive smothered burrito that was exclusive to the Dayton Ohio area a few months ago. I had missed my earlier chance to eat one as their availability coincided with my sons birth.


The burrito comes in 3 varieties; beef,chicken, and steak. The sauce is similar to an enchirito but the smothered burrito has less of an onion taste. The burrito contains rice sour cream and cheese as well as your choice of meat.


This is a very sloppy burrito but I should state mine flew from my passengers seat to the floor as I avoided an idiot driver. But with an included spork but t doesn’t seem to messy.

I really enjoyed it and hope it will be picked up by Taco Bell at large, or at least ones closer to me!

And the Baja Blast Freeze in the pic that I had reported earlier ? It’s a very sweet version of the soda that reminds of an icee because of its foamy consistency.

Also if your wondering why there has been a serious lack of updates, I have been and still am sick with some sort of Martin death flu. This meal was an odd choice for my first solid food in awhile, I was only intending to grab the freeze. But I was glad I gave it a chance.


as always, let me know your thoughts on the item, or the review on the forums HERE (Forum link updates 8/4/13)