Taco Bell Smothered burrito review

I recently stopped at a different than my usual Taco Bell. I was pleased to discover that they still had the elusive smothered burrito that was exclusive to the Dayton Ohio area a few months ago. I had missed my earlier chance to eat one as their availability coincided with my sons birth.


The burrito comes in 3 varieties; beef,chicken, and steak. The sauce is similar to an enchirito but the smothered burrito has less of an onion taste. The burrito contains rice sour cream and cheese as well as your choice of meat.


This is a very sloppy burrito but I should state mine flew from my passengers seat to the floor as I avoided an idiot driver. But with an included spork but t doesn’t seem to messy.

I really enjoyed it and hope it will be picked up by Taco Bell at large, or at least ones closer to me!

And the Baja Blast Freeze in the pic that I had reported earlier ? It’s a very sweet version of the soda that reminds of an icee because of its foamy consistency.

Also if your wondering why there has been a serious lack of updates, I have been and still am sick with some sort of Martin death flu. This meal was an odd choice for my first solid food in awhile, I was only intending to grab the freeze. But I was glad I gave it a chance.


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