New Partner on the Site, New Name, an upcoming Podcast and more!

nerdnationminilogoBig announcement time.Toy Nation was always intended to cover more than toys, but with my interest mainly in Joe, and the name Toy right in the Logo, it was hard to look past.  i Almost went with Nerd Nation from the beginning and when Jaxs Trugrave asked me about a podcast…. and was going to use the the name Nerd Nation we got to talking. Very similar goals lead us to partner up. So welcome about Jaxs! He will soon along with, his co-producer Aaron will be bringing a podcast to discuss all things nerdy. I’ll be on there as well when able, but my appearance might be held off for a few weeks while real life gets in the way.

Currently the same domain will take you here, but that will be transitioned over, and the Logo may undergo further changes (upon seeing it blown up i think it’s too bright)  but we will still be bringing you the same articles, and hopefully be expanding more as time goes on to include more focus beyond (but not replacing) my G.I.Joe fanaticism.

The G.I.Joe custom contest voting continues until next friday so click HERE to place a vote.

In addition to that, I will continue an as planned transition in what i write. As I finish up my backlog of figure reviews, I have plans to broaden into some Dragon Age themed reviews and pieces as well as some top lists, more video game content, and movie reviews. You can expect a lot more updates and content from me, in about 3 weeks as I finish this semester.

Questions, Comments, Interested in writing with us? Let us know on the forums HERE.

It only gets better from here. -revsears