Help Needed letting the G.I.Joe Collector’s club know we want Bombardier to be named after a certain fan…

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoWhom we Joe fans now call bombardier was once a mysteryious grey flash that it took years to identify.  Head over to Yojoe‘s article about the mystery figure HERE. It’s a neat story and has spawned a lot of attention of the years. It turns out it was mock up for the Palitoy action force line using 82 flash’s parts.


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Dave Tree of allthecoolstuff was instrumental in solving this mystery, and the Figure subscription service 2 will feature the the character. It’s been suggested on YOJOE that this figure be named after Dave Tree, who besides being an knowledgeable joelebrity (joe +celebrity) is also a cool guy i had the please of talking with quite a bit at con this year.   I think it would be an appropriate way to honor him for his hard work over the years educating us all both just as an excited fan on the boards or in person, and at the con this past year with an excellent panel. I’m asking that everyone who can take a minute to hit him the Club’s Contact page HERE and let them know if you think it’s a good idea. I did, after complimenting then an excellent con.

hosted here, but credit for these is images is

hosted here, but credit for these is images is

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